2021 Financial Goals and Wealth Management

2020 brought a lot of financial hardship to the majority of the country, and my family was no different. The cut to our income was brutal, and we struggled each month…honestly, if not for the help from friends and family, we likely would have failed completely. That’s why in 2021, my husband and I have several financial goals that we want to reach. We want the ability to pay down the debt that piled up, we want to be able to save an emergency fund, and we want to start saving for major purchases; Number One being a move to our forever state and home.

financial goals

Now, managing your finances can be done in several ways; there is a multitude of spreadsheet templates, banking apps, and the like, that will assist in doing just that. But what happens when you have multiple financial accounts? Logging into multiple platforms can be time-consuming, but also increase the risk of missing something. Transferring funds between multiple accounts are doable, but forgetting a transfer, or doubling up on them accidentally, can cause more chaos than anyone really wants to deal with.

That’s exactly why when making our 2021 financial plan, I went in search of an all in one platform, where I can monitor ALL of my accounts in one place. Thankfully, I was introduced to Farther, a holistic wealth management company that is dedicated to making your money go farther!

So what exactly does Farther do, and why should we trust the process?

“Farther is redefining the private bank experience. Something that was once reserved for the billionaires of the world is now accessible to more people through expertly crafted technology and personalized financial advice. Our clients use us for cash management and investment management services. We allow technology to do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and do the things you love. With the ability to set-up unlimited goal-based accounts you can save for the things that matter most while optimizing your returns and utilizing tax-advantaged accounts to reduce your tax liability. Farther gives driven people the ability to manage their wealth with expert financial advice without the absurdly high-minimums that big financial institutions require.” (Farther.com, 2020)

I took a quick tour of the Farther site, and honestly, I am impressed with what I saw. Not only do I have the ability to have all of my accounts in one place, but I also have the ability to create accounts based on specific goals. So setting up different savings accounts for an emergency fund, a major move, and more, is easier than you think! Additionally, when you join Farther, you are matched with a financial advisor that will help you along the way. As financial goals are met, your investments will change so that you are making your money go even farther.

financial goals
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

As tax law changes, so do your investments…and here is the kicker! Because of the sweet technology set up on the platform, you don’t have to lift a finger to make the changes! The smart tech does it for you! Now, this platform does have fees to use, but they are minimal; the entire platform has a 0.8% annual management fee.

So what is next for us? well, in order to get our finances in order, we need to set all of our financial goals. So, my husband and I will sit down and break down everything we need now and in the future. Emergency, House, College, etc.

I am certainly looking forward to getting our finances in order, especially after the past year. I highly recommend checking out Farther, and putting your financial action plan in motion, and make your money go even farther than you imagined!

You can learn more about Farther by visiting their site and following them on Social Media

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