3 Poolside Games for Children to Play in the Summer

Add a little creativity to your time at the pool this summer. Consider these three poolside games for children to play in the summer. From pool noodles and chalk to ladder ball, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the sunny days with those that mean the most to you. Have fun with these suggestions for poolside games. 

Pool Noodles

Chances are, you already have pool noodles in your pool or near it. Use these fun toys to get a little creative. Use them to create pool noodle racing tracks that your little ones will love to use. If you have frisbees and noodles, you could have a friendly competition with a new game. 

Simply hold the pool noodle vertically in front of you. Have someone place a frisbee at the top of the noodle. Set up obstacles that those racing must maneuver through. Count down and have the noodle and frisbee holders race between the obstacles. Whoever makes it back first with the frisbee still on their noodle wins. 


Chalk may be one of the most versatile poolside games for children to play in the summer. One of the many games you can play with chalk includes Bullseye. Draw two to three different-sized circles with chalk. Have each person stand at a starting line the same distance away from the circles. Using either water balloons or water sponges, take turns seeing who can throw and make it into each circle to get a bullseye. Develop a point system that helps the team establish a winner. Hopscotch and four square are a few more games you can play with chalk. If you want to develop a bit of friendly competition, have prizes as an incentive for the winner of each game. 

Ladder Ball

Ladder ball may be a more advanced game for kids who are a bit older. Simply set up each small ladder with rungs on each end of the pool. One person will stand next to a ladder with balls attached to a rope. Take turns throwing the balls into the air in hopes they will catch on one of the ladder rungs. Keep score according to how many times you land a ball on the ladder and which rung it lands on. Make sure party members are aware whenever you play this game, and be careful where you throw. You don’t want someone to accidentally get hit. 


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