3 Reasons Why You Should Never Wash Your Face With Just Any Soap

When it comes to washing your face, many women have various routines they do day and night to clean and moisture their skin. Many spend hundreds of dollars on a skincare routine, while others use regular soap and water to wash their skin. Below is a closer look at using soap, and three reasons it is not a good idea to use plain soap on your face.

Stripes the Top Layer of Your Skin

When skin is healthy, its pH is around 5.5, meaning it is slightly acidic, but the majority of soaps have a much higher pH, some as high as 11. Because of this, soap causes the skin to be stripped of natural oils and dry it out. Fortunately, you can get help from reneerouleau.com regarding different cleansing products recommended for your skin type. When your skin is dry, oil glands work harder to hydrate it by producing more sebum and oils, and this can lead to acne and clogged pores.

There are bars of soap that people can use that have been proven to improve a person’s skin as well being useful when it comes to cleaning the dirt and oils that accumulate on a person’s face. Consult a dermatologist or a medical spa specialist when it comes to choosing a soap product to cleanse your face.

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May Worsen Existing Facial Skin Conditions

A regular bar of soap can be very harsh on your skin. We all think that soap will make our skin clean, but it can worsen existing facial skin conditions by interfering with the skin’s pH balance. The skin has many relevant jobs, and one of them is to create a barrier against bacteria. A bar of soap can interfere with the built-in immunity and protection that occurs naturally, making it much easier for germs to get into the skin.

When choosing the right cleanser, it is essential to keep your skin type in mind. For example, is your skin oily, normal, sensitive, or a combination? Once that has been determined, choose a product that is known to work on your skin type to improve the look and feel of the skin.

Soap is Scented and Dyed

Many bars of soap is scented and dyed various colors to appeal to the user’s senses. This can be bad for many people because you do not know how those ingredients will treat your skin. Harsh ingredients may leave your face red and blemished for a bit before it returns to a more natural color. Some bars of soap have been known to cause acne.

If you are determined to use a bar of soap as a part of your cleansing routine, make sure to choose one that is unscented and does not contain any dyes. Again, speak with your dermatologist to see if they recommend the brand of soap you want. If the dermatologist does not approve, then he or she will recommend a couple for you to try.

Using the right products to wash your face in the morning and at night is essential. You should use a product that is not harsh and will not strip away crucial nutrients your face needs to stay hydrated throughout the day. Consult a dermatologist to learn more about their recommendations regarding your face and how to keep it looking young and fresh.

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