3 Safety Precautions for Children Playing Sports

If your children are old enough, they might already be taking an interest in certain sports. Are you nervous about sending your kids out for team sports? If so, don’t fret—there are steps you can take to ensure they stay safe out on the field. Keep reading to learn three safety precautions for children playing sports that you can use before sending them off to practice.

Have the Right Gear

No matter what sport your child wants to play, make sure you provide them with the right gear. Some sports require more protective gear than others, such as contact sports like football and lacrosse. However, some protective gear is effective for all sports, such as protective eyewear for baseball or basketball. Your child can always benefit from extra eye protection in any sport, especially if they usually wear prescription glasses to see. Knee and elbow pads, mouth guards, and helmets are a few more examples of safety equipment they will need for any sport.

Safety Precautions for Children Playing Sports

Keep Them Hydrated

It’s easy for your kids to get wrapped up in the excitement of their sports games and practices, so remind them about the importance of staying hydrated. Intense physical activity, such as participating in a sport, will cause sweating, and your child will need to drink water or a healthy sports drink to replace these fluids. Ideally, your kids should start drinking their water or sports drink before and after the game to ensure proper hydration. Stay away from beverages like soda, sparkling water, and any other carbonated or caffeinated drinks. Instruct your kids to hydrate every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise to avoid dehydration.

Stress the Importance of Rest

While it may be hard to pull your kids away from practicing at home and after sports games, you should also teach them the importance of rest. Tell them that even adult athletes need breaks and take days off. These rest periods are essential for recovery and preventing overuse injuries. Your kids should tell you immediately if they feel pain or think they may have injured themselves during practice or game time.

These three safety precautions for children playing sports can help your kids have a more enjoyable and safer sports environment. You want them to stay safe, and they would hate to be taken off the field for the season due to an injury. So these tips work in both your and your kids’ favor.


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