3 Tips for Growing Stunning and Healthy Houseplants

Recently, more and more people appreciate the pleasure of growing indoor houseplants that bring an aura of happiness to their homes. Not only do they look attractive, but they also purify the air of your home while making a positive impact on your mood. 

Sadly, many people would love to grow houseplants but struggle to keep them alive – due to some misinformation and inexperience of growing plants. So if you are someone who is also finding it difficult to keep their plants healthy or even alive; here are useful tips that can help you successfully grow your houseplants. 


When growing houseplants, the first thing you need to notice is lighting. Considering there are an endless number of plants that thrive on direct sunlight, a lot of houseplants don’t always need direct exposure to sunlight. It’s because most famous types of indoor plants come from a tropical family and can be found on forest floors, which means they grow perfectly when exposed to indirect or filtered sunlight. Therefore, west or east-facing windows are ideal places to put your houseplants.

However, if you feel your home doesn’t have a sufficient amount of natural sunlight, consider LED Growing Lights to help them flourish. A few hours a day under growing lights should do the trick!



One of the crucial factors that decide whether the plant is going to grow into a successful plant is the pot you have fixed it in. If the pot you are using for the plant is smaller than it should be and doesn’t provide it with enough water drainage – it can cause problems in its growth because of sitting water inside the pot. As a result, your plant will stop growing and eventually rot. Therefore, choosing the right size pot for your plant is the most important decision you make when growing a houseplant. 

To choose the correct size pot for your plant, look for a pot that is at least three inches deeper and wider as it will need some room to adjust its roots when growing. Also, consider repotting your indoor plants at least once every year for their continuous healthy growth. Even if your plant is fully grown, make sure you re-pot it every year in new soil.


A major reason houseplants wither is because plant owners tend to overwater them, usually with the thinking that underwatering them might be the reason for their undergrowth. However, plants and especially houseplants don’t need to be watered every day or every week, many of them just do fine if you water them once a week. A useful rule of thumb will be to put your finger two inches into the pot – if it is still damp, you don’t need to water it. On the other hand, if it is dry, it is the right time to water the plant. 

Wrapping up

Even if you are not an expert, with the tips mentioned above, you can surely grow a healthy houseplant. However, make sure you don’t skip any step for the best results out of your efforts. 



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