4 Benefits Of Letting Your Child Pick Out Their Own Clothes

A lot of parents are unsure about letting their child choose their own clothes, but you have to give them that responsibility at some point. It’s only natural that you worry about your child making poor decisions and not thinking about practicality, but kids are smarter than that and even though they might make mistakes to start with, they will soon rise to the challenge when given a bit of responsibility.

Letting your child pick out their own clothes actually has a lot of benefits you may not have thought about before and by refusing to give them that privilege, you could be missing out on an opportunity for growth. These are some of the reasons why you should let your child pick their own clothes. 

It Allows For Self Expression 

Giving children opportunities to express themselves is so important. All children are on a journey to work out who they are, and if you stifle that impulse to express their personality, it can be damaging. When you choose all of their clothes, they don’t have the opportunity to find their own style. But if you let them choose their own outfits and express their own personality, they will feel more comfortable expressing themselves in other ways and they will be much happier with who they are. 

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It’s A Good Way To Learn About Money

Kids probably don’t have a sense of how much their clothes actually cost. But if you get them gift cards for a clothes site and then leave it up to them to spend it how they wish, they’ll soon learn about money. Gift cards are ideal because they have a limited amount and you don’t need to worry about them using your credit card online, so they can be left to it. Often, kids will spend most of the money on an expensive item the first few times you do this, but then they will start to learn how to budget their money more effectively. 

It Encourages Creativity 

Getting your kids to be creative is important because it helps with brain development and creative skills help in many areas of life when they grow up. There are some great toys out there that help with creativity, but have you thought about the creative elements of fashion? Choosing outfits and playing around with different styles is very creative and it could be a good way to get children that are not normally creative to engage with these skills. 

It Boosts Confidence 

Finding ways to boost your child’s confidence is so important and letting them pick out their own clothes is a brilliant way to do it. Dressing in the way that they like will make them feel more confident about themselves. Having that extra responsibility also gives them a sense of maturity and doing things on their own instead of relying on parents is a big confidence booster as well.


Even though you might be apprehensive about letting your child choose their own clothes, there are a lot of big benefits, so you should definitely consider it.

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