4 Clever Ways To Keep Children Busy While You Sew

Sewing is a unique hobby that promotes creativity and relaxation. However, with the sound of tiny footsteps filling your home, peace may be out the window. It can be challenging to complete craft projects with toddlers and small children around, but it isn’t impossible! Here are four clever ways to keep children busy while you sew that are affordable and easily accessible!

Making a Button Snake

You’ll need a long piece of ribbon, a large button, a few felt scraps, and some thread to complete this side project. Attach the button to one end of the ribbon and a felt square to the other. Make slits in the other square felt scraps and encourage your child to thread the felt onto the ribbon snake. 

If you want to add more educational value to this neat craft, consider cutting the felt into various shapes and quizzing young ones as they add pieces onto the ribbon.

keep children busy while you sew

Pipe Cleaners in a Sugar Shaker

Pipe cleaners are an affordable craft material and a massive hit with children. You can hand a scoopful of pipe cleaners and a sugar shaker to your child and encourage them to insert each cleaner into the holes. You can also bend and twist them to create funky, cool shapes.

Canning Rings

This craft is simple yet effective at introducing toddlers and young children to different sounds. Take canning rings from mason jars and tie them together with yarn. Your young learners will have a unique noisemaker to distract them for a while until you finish those last few stitches on your craft.

Playing With Scraps

Children are fantastic imitators that often pick up on habits through repetition. You can give them a few pieces of fabric or felt to play with or introduce them to sewing if they’re older. 

It’s a beautiful hobby with multiple benefits when practiced from a young age. You might want to start children with basic techniques, like these easy quilting patterns for beginners.

Finding the right time to sew and complete projects becomes more complicated when you have little ones around. Luckily, you can use these four ways to keep children busy while you sew and maybe even introduce them to your favorite hobby.


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