4 Easy-To-Follow Quilting Tips for Beginners

Quilts are a perfect finishing touch for any home in need of a splash of character and comfort. Their interior design impact is even more significant when the piece is handmade with love, making them perfect for display and snuggling under. Here are four easy-to-follow quilting tips for beginners looking to add some rustic, cozy DIY flair to their home décor.

Create a Dedicated Crafting Space

If you’ve ever taken up a sewing project before, you already know this fundamental truth about quilting: you need a lot of table space. It’s common for beginners to underestimate the spatial demand of the craft until they are elbow-deep in a project. This reality often leads to you calling for the kids to find a lost bobbin, suddenly turning your dining room table into a sewing-themed I Spy adventure.

Whether you invest in a new desk or some heavy-duty organizational drawers, creating a dedicated crafting space helps you stay organized without calling for backup each time.


Buy Pre-Cuts or Kits To Speed Up the Process

Choosing, prepping, measuring, and cutting your fabric is perhaps the most taxing part of quilting as a beginner. While practice is never a bad thing, sometimes you just want to make a quilt without fussing over perfect lines! Pre-cut fabrics are a fantastic way to seriously speed up the process and set you on the ground running. 

Quilting kits also come with several advantages for beginning quilters. Many of these quilting kits perfectly capture the aesthetic of a familiar, cozy farmhouse quilt and take the worry of pairing the right colors or fabric types out of the equation.

Always Use the Right Tools for the Job

Arguably, you can fully dive into the art of quilting without anything but a working sewing machine, spare fabric, and a good bobbin of thread. However, as you dive into more complex patterns or work with more unique fabrics, the tools you use really start to matter. 

For example, using the wrong needles in your machine can tear some fabrics apart, making owning a well-rounded needle assortment crucial. From a well-maintained rotary cutter to a good assortment of sturdy rulers, having the right tools for the job not only increases efficiency but adds to the fun factor as well.

Seek Out Local Workshops for Even More Insight

Perhaps the best easy-to-follow quilting tip for beginners is to seek out local artisans, classes, and workshops. Sticking to local workshops is a great way to support local artists and discover resources in your community. Many local teachers know the best spots for buying supplies and can offer tips on where to donate quilts once you’re done with them. 

As a plus, these quilting classes come in a wide variety of tones and demographics as well. Some are filled by busy moms looking to build up their DIY skills, while others are booked by families seeking a creative challenge.

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