4 Free Recipe Apps For Healthy & Delicious Meals

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Looking to start off the new year by improving your cooking skills? Want to get healthier and impress your family with some tasty new dishes? To help you along the way there are plenty of recipe apps that you can use. These four have plenty of tasty treats on offer and are absolutely free!


1 . Healthy Recipes 

The ‘Healthy Recipes’ tool is a simple app that offers plenty of easy and healthy recipes. Here you’ll find recipes including meats, soups, salads, healthy snacks, low carb pizzas, casseroles, and much more. Users can access the recipe app offline as well as online, and all dishes feature detailed instructions and photographs.

Looking for a certain dish? With the handy search filter, you can type in the recipe name to find exactly what you are looking for. Using ‘Healthy Recipes’ you can also sync the app with your shopping list, for a streamlined experience. Feel free to get involved with the cooking community, by sharing your results, and leaving recipe feedback.


  1. SideChef

The SideChef app is a great app to help you save money, eat healthier, and cook up some delicious foods. The app offers personalized recipe recommendations, and it’s simple to filter using your preferences, dietary needs, or allergies. It’s the perfect app for beginners, as all recipes are easy to follow. You’ll receive photos, videos, and guidance every step of the way. SideChef also features built-in timers, so there’s no chance your dish will end up overcooked! 

It’s not just recipes you’ll learn here, but plenty of handy culinary skills such as pressing tofu, or dicing tricks and tips. Become a part of the SideChef community, where you can get tips from fellow cooks.


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  1. Epicurious 

The Epicurious app will give you all the foodie videos and tasty dishes you could ever dream of. Here you’ll get lots of delicious tried and tested meals, such as those published in Bon Appetit or HarperCollins. Some of the best features include a smart timer, personalized shopping lists, ingredients toggle, and culinary tips. It’s dead simple to track down seasonal ingredients, including foods from local farms. Whether you’re looking for meat recipes, vegan, gluten-free, or something indulgent, there’s so much choice on Epicurious. Learning how to cook has never been simpler!


  1. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner 

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is a super popular cooking app, including a food-loving social community. With this app, users will benefit from a personalized feed, which learns your preferences as you use the app. It’s simple to search for a particular recipe, using keywords, timing, dietary preferences, and more. It’s easy to save your favorite recipes, or search for ingredients that are on sale! Every featured recipe offers cooking videos and detailed instructions. Further features include sharing, cook profiles, and shopping lists. 


Whether you’re looking to learn how to cook chicken piccata, duck stroganoff, or vegan stuffed zucchini, challenge yourself to learn some new dishes in 2021, just browse the recipes on your favorite recipe apps!


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