4 Homeschool Trends You May Have Missed

Homeschooling has dramatically evolved, and if your child is not homeschooled, why not give it a whirl? You will get to enjoy a lot of benefits that other parents do. One significant reason why parents opt for homeschool is to spend all day with their child. This is better if your child has special needs, which you can cater to by being with them. Another reason to choose homeschool, you can protect your child from peer influence.

Homeschooling separates children from learning in a social class and interacting with various students, leading them to be influenced to partake in something they don’t want. Another great reason is that homeschooling your kid can boost their talent, where you can have a professional train them.

But first, what is homeschooling?

Homeschooling or home education is defined as learning in various places other than in a school environment. Multiple people can contribute to homeschooling, such as parents, private tutors, online teachers and tools, and qualified nannies. It follows a certified curriculum so that children can receive the right education at home.

For many parents, homeschooling has given them more control over their kids’ life. Parental involvement in homeschooling goes beyond having control over a child’s academic life. It also incorporates monitoring other aspects of their life, such as social, physical, psychological, and mental wellbeing. Parents know their children better than anyone else. Thus by getting involved, they can create a positive learning environment.

With that said, here are three trends on homeschooling you may have missed out on.


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Computer-Based Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are meant to boost a child’s physical, mental, and social growth. At school, such activities are carried out daily where children have P.E. lessons on their timetable. Extracurricular activities include; sports, special interest clubs, academic clubs, arts, music, and more. These are meant to contribute to a child’s growth because there’s more to schooling than just books.

If you are wondering how a homeschool student can participate in extracurricular activities, hang in there because homeschooling has more to offer. It is crystal clear that your homeschooled child can participate in extracurricular activities such as playing soccer in the backyard. However, computer-based programs for extracurricular activities provide online learning games that are safe for children.

They are very beneficial to a child’s mental health as they allow them to think critically. If your child loses a game, it motivates them to play for the second time to identify the cause and solve it by playing better. This way, it helps them deal with other problems better by identifying the root cause and solving it, rather than just sitting around and whining about it. You should know how to choose educational games for your child on different websites, or you can buy game C.D.s from stores.


Digital Tools for Learning   

Technology has continued to make life easier for everyone, and it has contributed to digital transformation in education. Unlike a traditional school setting, where teachers plan and schedule lessons and activities, this is different for homeschooling. No parent has the time to sit down and schedule classes and activities for their time while they still need to deliver a work project. But with digital tools such as online planners and apps, homeschooling has become more advanced and better.

 Not only planners and organizers, but you can also access various learning tools. These learning tools are available for almost all subjects and aim at providing a deeper understanding of a topic to your child. For instance, there are specific tools that can help your child calculate fractions and other math calculations. Many children often have a hard time performing math calculations, and such devices can impact their performance.

 Various planners and organizers will help you plan weekly or monthly homeschooling activities, and some have the option of printing out the timetable. Gone are the days when parents had to sit down and take a lot of time planning for homeschool lessons. Hat’s off to academic software inventors who have made homeschooling more comfortable and better.


Homeschool Mentors and Psychologist

You will find counselors and psychologists who provide emotional and mental support to students and teachers in any learning environment. This is necessary as it helps children deal with certain mental disorders such as depression, contributing to poor academic performance. Such specialists can identify students that need help at an early stage and provide the necessary support.

Nonetheless, students can now access homeschool mental support and counseling. This way, it is easier for them to get closer supervision and monitoring. Unlike in a school where counselors are available on specific periods, homeschool counselors are flexible with time. This means that they are available throughout to support your child whenever they need them.

Today, homeschool mentors are vital to students as they prepare them to juggle school work and house chores. They also help students deal with home-related stress, which might interfere with homeschool learning. Parents largely contribute to the success of a child’s performance. Thus they need support to help them improve their kid’s performance.


 Experiential Learning

Experiential learning involves learning through experience, which has become a trend for homeschooling. Even so, one would ask how a homeschooled student can practice what they are taught. Unlike learning in a school where students get to practice lessons in science and computer laboratories, homeschooling allows students to apply theories learned in the real world.

Most homeschool curriculums emphasize the importance of experiential learning, which has many benefits. It will help if you choose the right model that incorporates experiential learning as it can have significant impacts on your child’s education. One advantage of experiential learning is that your child will better understand what they are taught. They will also discover their interests and passion for a subject, which can lead to a career.

Homeschooled students participate in real-life experiential learning such as community projects related to business, performing arts, technology, and more. Such projects provide a deeper understanding and exposure to homeschooled students. They also interact with people in great professions and influential mentors. Unlike experiential learning in a school, which can be limited due to inadequate time for studying, homeschooled students can do it at any time.

Home learning outcomes are always celebrated and valued by students and parents who choose to do it. And with these fabulous trends, it is better and more helpful. If you are thinking of homeschooling a child, ensure that you select the right homeschool curriculum, and incorporate technological learning to boost your child’s performance.



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