4 Inspirations for a Mindful Gift for Yourself This Christmas

This Christmas will be a little different from any other – in many aspects. We might not be able to enjoy extensive dinner parties with all of our friends and family members. And even gift-giving is made a lot more complicated by all the current social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions.  But, the current pandemic should not stop you from making the most out of this alternative holiday season. And, it has never been so crucial to look after your own mental and physical well being. So, start by treating yourself to a present for yourself this Christmas! Here are a few Inspirations for a Mindful Gift.

A Journal

If you have many big goals to accomplish in the upcoming here, there is nothing better than getting a journal for yourself. Indeed, journaling has been seen to have many incredible benefits. It can help you keep track of your fitness and nutrition goals, and it can just be the way to achieve your desired shape. 

At the same time, you can use journaling to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Indeed, by having a precise schedule for the day of the week, you can fight back procrastination and feel like you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the many tasks and goals to accomplish. 

Each journal is different, and they can work in different ways, depending on who is using them. Make sure you are testing different types and try to keep up with it for as long as you need to create a solid habit!

Inspirations for a Mindful Gift
Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

A Yoga Retreat

You might not be able to fly to India or Bali any time soon, but you can still think about planning the retreat of your dreams. Peace, quiet, serenity… you can have it all – in just a few months! Starting to get organized for it now can be an excellent way to support other communities, and it allows you to have something to look forward to. 

A Subscription to Online Classes

While waiting for your retreat to come around, you might leverage online courses and classes. Through channels such as YouTube, you can find the guidance of expert instructors who can guide you in your meditation or yoga journey. 

However, some other channels and more exclusive classes are more suitable for practitioners looking at developing their practice even further. If this is you, invest in a subscription and get yourself a challenge to live up to in the new year. Exercising and improving your practice can have endless positive effects – and can help you build self-esteem too!

Jewelry – With a Twist

Not all pieces of jewelry are the same, and some might be more valuable than others – not just in terms of price. Indeed, when picked mindfully, some types of jewelry can be beautiful and have an interesting effect on your energy level and mood. Of course, understanding how each metal, material, and crystal interacts with you is crucial. For example, crystals such as angel aura quartz can help you balance your energy level, connect body and mind, and reduce anxiety – all this while being a beautiful stone!

I hope these tips give you Inspirations for a Mindful Gift, we should all treat ourselves this year, it is well deserved!

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