4 Of The Best Careers For Creatives

The myth of the starving artist is one that we see repeated in literature, movies, and TV time and time again. However, the truth of the matter is there are plenty of well-paid careers for creatives out there. Keep reading to learn about 4 of the best. 



For those whose creativity spills out in words, a career as a writer or author is often the best choice. The wonderful thing about writing for a job is that right now, there are so many opportunities. One, in particular, that many pursue is being a fiction author, with many choosing to self-publish their works over platforms like Amazon. 

However, suppose fiction isn’t your thing. In that case, there are many other rewarding careers where you get to write to consider as well, such as content creation, scriptwriting, technical writing, and marketing. 

Writing is a great career choice for parents that want to work from home too, as the only tools you need are a laptop, and internet connection most days. 

careers for creatives
Image by Oleg Mityukhin from Pixabay

Art Educator

One of the most rewarding careers for a creative person is to be an art educator, particularly in higher education. Indeed, such professionals can expect a varied workload combining face-to-face and online teaching and marking assignments with research and supervision. 

The good news is that while teaching, many artists also continue to pursue and develop their own work. Indeed, artists like Lorelei Linklater still find time to dedicate themselves to the support and education of the next generation of creatives, which is precisely what the industry needs. After all, who is better placed to guide the artists of the future than those already committed to the discipline? 



Another choice for those looking for a career in the visual arts is to become an animator. The good news is that this niche is an ever-expanding area, as more and more media platforms require the service of animators, including film, TV, computer games, and online services. 

Once again, talent and technical skills are vital to getting a job in this field. Although, most learn these by taking a degree course in animation, computer animations, or graphics. It’s also worth noting that animator jobs tend to be on a contract basis. This is something that means you can end up having long breaks in between jobs, which means you will need to budget accordingly. 


Fashion Designer

If clothes are your passion, then fashion design may be the best career option to consider. Of course, like many careers for creatives, the competition is pretty fierce when it comes to landing a role, something that encourages many to start up their own lines independently of the larger fashion houses. 

A degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising is a good way of beginning a career in this industry. Although, again, like many of the more creative careers, what matters most is your portfolio, something that means if you have the raw talent and the commitment to produce constantly impressive work, you may not need a formal education to land your first gig. 


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