4 of the Best Safety Features for a Teen’s First Car

The world has numerous dangers you’ll need to prepare your teenager for, many of which occur on the road. Safety is a priority for your child, and having the best safety features for a teen’s first car will ensure they make it back to you in one piece. Read on to learn recommendations on safety features in your teenager’s car and how they’ll help them.

Forward Collision Warning

You need to keep track of numerous objects and actions while on the road. Distractions, such as phones and other technology, will take a teenager’s eyes away from the road and could result in an accident when an unseen car cuts in front of them.

Ensure your teenager’s car has a built-in forward collision warning that alerts them of a vehicle or other mass they’re approaching too quickly. The collision warning system will use radar to detect other cars as the person drives and alert them if they get too close. The warning will cease when the driver slows down and comes to a stop to ensure your teenager takes themselves out of harm’s way.

Traction Control System

When there’s heavy rain or snow, the slick road will become dangerous for your child. Teenagers will avoid hydroplaning with a traction control system in their cars. The system will sense when a tire no longer has traction and will reduce the power supplied to that wheel or cause it to brake immediately.

The other wheels that have traction will continue to move, giving the car better control and preventing skidding during poor road conditions. Skidding and hydroplaning will feel less alarming when there are systems in the car to counteract it.

Adaptive Headlights

Your child’s first car will feel safer when there are adaptive headlights. These headlights have sensors that can detect precipitation in front of the car and adapt their brightness for the best visibility.

The lights will help in rain and snow so that teens see ahead of them without any hindrance. Visibility is essential to safety, and you want to maximize it for your teenager while they drive. The beams will also extend ahead of turns and dim in the presence of oncoming cars to ensure the other driver doesn’t lose sight of the road.

Blind Spot Monitoring

The sensors and cameras of this system will alert the driver of a vehicle in their blind spot that comes too close to the car. This monitoring will help teens keep themselves and their first car safe and teach them the importance of having better senses around blind spots.

Many vehicles from the last decade use blind spot monitoring for a better view. This feature is one of the reasons why modern vehicles are better than classics and why your child should have a modern car instead of an older model for their first vehicle.

The road has numerous dangers that teenagers need to prepare for. These safety features for a teen’s first car will help ensure they stay safe when you’re not around and help them enjoy their freedom driving around on the streets.

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