4 Toys That Kids Will Actually Play With

Kids generally enjoy a lot of things, but they quickly lose interest in some toys. There are many reasons why a kid stops playing with something, but a common reason is that the toy didn’t engage them. The toys that find the most success, engage with the imagination of a kid. Things that let them build a world and constantly do new things. Here are some toys that kids will actually play with for more than a day.

Building Blocks

Although a set of building blocks might seem bland, they’re exactly the kind of gift that helps kids create. The potential to create anything they want with these blocks lets kids express themselves. These make the perfect toy that they will come back to time and time again.

toys that kids will actually play with


Racetracks help kids play in a whole world of fast cars and new vehicles. This is more than just some toy cars; the drivers will soon have names and backstories, while the cars will have tournaments. This is a great toy as you can always bring in more cars to grow the fun.


No other gift is as perfect for a kid’s self-expression as crayons or other drawing utensils. With a good supply of markers or crayons, kids can create world after world in their drawings; and they’ll do so as long as they have something else to inspire them, as well as crayons to draw with.

RC Toys

Although RC toys don’t provide the same platform for creating that other toys do, they still help kids explore and interact with the world at large. Building obstacle courses as they drive their cars will provide hours of entertainment. Now, there are a bunch of RC toys you can choose from, so here are five RC toy recommendations that you can check out.

These are just some toys that kids will actually play with and provide days of entertainment. The trick is finding a toy the helps children build a world and stimulates their imagination. As long as the toy does that, the kids will like it. 


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