4 Woodworking Projects for Kids To Build

If you’re ready to expand craft time beyond glue sticks and construction paper, consider woodworking projects for kids to build. Woodworking projects give your kids the opportunity to learn about “grown-up tools” and result in creations that are useful for the home or backyard.

Woodworking projects vary from using wood and paint to more advanced projects requiring power tools. Progressing into woodworking allows your kids to work with their hands and learn about the strategic practice of wood-crafting. Your kids can focus on the creative elements of the project, while you enjoy easy wood craft ideas for your inner DIY enthusiast. Explore four woodworking projects for kids to build and have a hands-on creative session for a learning experience and quality time as a family.


A classic woodworking project for kids is building a birdhouse. There’s a variety of inexpensive and convenient building methods for birdhouses, and the final product can serve birds in the family yard for years to come.

2. Tripod Chair

A collapsible tripod chair is an easy woodworking project that you and your kids can enjoy afterward. The process entails woodworking for the chair and an upholstering process for fastening leather to the wood.

3. Wooden Planter

A wooden planter is a simple project that entails fastening wooden planks to make a home for growing plants. A wooden planter can give you and your kids a second project for cultivating a garden over the summer and is easily customizable to suit your outdoor setup.

4. Mason Bee House

A mason bee house gives your kids an opportunity to learn about how their woodworking project is helping the environment. The format of a mason bee house resembles a birdhouse, plus the use of a power drill for creating openings that welcome the pollinators.

Woodworking projects offer kids a chance to build something with their hands and use the finished product afterward. If you’re looking to enhance playtime with your kids, consider these woodworking projects for a creative and sustainable crafting experience.

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