5 Glorious Tropical Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Tropical plants have a magical touch that instantly refreshes and brightens up any living space. For this reason, they are a preferable choice for homeowners who want to add the right bits of charm to their homes. Whether you are a beginner interested in houseplants or a seasoned plant parent, the choice of tropical plants available for any indoor space is endless.

The love for tropical plants

While most houseplants require special conditions for their growth and survival, tropical plants tend to survive in less-than-perfect conditions. This makes it possible for them to be grown indoors in any climate, making them perfect for homeowners across the United States. The icing on the cake is these plants have exciting leaf patterns, eye-popping flowers, and unique appearances that will make a home lively.

Five tropical plants to grow indoors

There are various tropical plants that can grow indoors available at kanoahawaii.com. As a homeowner, it is vital to find a glorious plant that will provide the ultimate tropical paradise feel. Here are the five quality tropical plants you can never go wrong with:

  •       Bird of paradise. These tropical plants are renowned for the jungle vibes that they bring indoors, given their large leaves and almost gaudy flowers. As rapidly growing indoor plants that can max out around 6 feet, they need bright light and water to keep moist. It is also essential that they are fertilized weekly.Tropical Plants
  •       Ti-plants. These are some of the most colorful group of tropical plants. They come in a wide range of colors and do well in warm, draft-free locations. Ti-plants should continuously be kept moist by watering them except in winter. 
  •       Orchids. Tropical orchids are considered a must-have by at-home horticulturists given how regularly they bloom. The flowers produced can also last for months, offering an indoor space the warmth and color that only Mother Nature can provide. The best part is that homeowners have a variety of orchids to choose from depending on the flower’s color and pattern.Tropical Plants
  •       Air plants. As the name suggests, air plants are great for spaces near windows in a home. This is because they require lots of fresh air and good light (indirect) to grow. They are adapted to growing in pots and can be mounted to boards or hung on the wall to improve a room’s appeal. Most homeowners love them as they are easy to grow, and they do not require daily watering. Instead, one should drench them and allow for moderate drying before watering them again. 
  •       Anthuriums. The alluring anthurium is perfect for the homeowner after a tropical plant that requires tender loving care. It needs an owner who will not only water it daily but mist around the leaves to maintain the required humidity levels. These efforts are never in vain as it can bloom year-round when its natural habitat conditions are mimicked.Tropical Plants


The ease in taking care of tropical plants makes them excellent houseplants for everyone who appreciates nature’s gifts. Not only are these plants a fun collection that adds life to any room, but they also bring closer a little bit of the tropics to a home. Most importantly, tropical plants offer a marvelous way to decorate a room by making it look and feel cozy all year round.

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  • September 19, 2020 at 6:09 am

    I can never grow indoor plants just African violets and Aloe. Thank you for these tips!! These plants are gorgeous!


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