5 Healthy Ways You Can Motivate Your Child

Finding ways to motivate your child comes with the territory of parenthood. Subdue frustration and pursue these five healthy ways you can motivate your child. Regardless of age, you can help your child feel fulfilled and successful using these motivating methods.


It’s always nice to know that someone believes in you. You have the wonderful opportunity to provide this encouragement to your child/children. Let them know how great they are doing and that you see their efforts. Help them to address or dismiss self-doubt or fears they may have. 


Let your child see that you’re excited about their goals as well. This display will show them that you care about their interests and passions. A positive demeanor can significantly add to their joy and drive to accomplish tasks and goals, both big and small.

healthy ways you can motivate your child

Goal Setting

Create a list of goals with or for your child, depending on their age. Create both long-term and short-term goals. Make sure these goals are achievable so that your child will feel successful. If they are too difficult to accomplish, your child may struggle with feelings of failure. For example, a realistic goal for a toddler is learning how to make their bed. Use a visual goals list for your child to motivate them to make their bed, among many other little achievements!


Friendships can add a healthy dose of peer pressure to a child’s life. It could push your child to achieve better grades, perform better in a sport, or develop compassionate listening skills. Of course, peer pressure could go the opposite way too. Try to encourage healthy friendships in your child’s life and ask about their friends often. 


Did your child reach one of their short-term or long-term goals? Celebrate this accomplishment! Of course, try not to use unhealthy objects as a reward. Instead, dig deeper into their passions and provide them with a prize that may help them pursue their interests even more.

These five ways you can motivate your child are just a handful of tools parents and guardians can use to help your child feel accomplished. Watch your child become a successful, happy individual with your encouragement! 


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