5 Must-Know Commands for Your Dog

When you’re a pet owner, training your dog is a fun and important bonding experience. While a dog who knows entertaining tricks like “dance” is enjoyable to everyone, there are a few must-know commands for your dog. These commands ensure safety for your family, your pet, and strangers.

Command One: Heel

On a walk around the block, your dog shouldn’t drag you or tug on the leash. Remember, you’re in control of your furry friend, not the other way around. Yes, walks are exciting to any dog, especially after a day cooped up inside, but leashing-pulling isn’t appropriate behavior.

Leash-pulling can create dangers as your pooch gets stronger or if you have a child who wants to walk the dog. By training your pet to heel, you remind them that they should walk beside you.

Command Two: Speak

Now no one wants a dog who barks all day at every passing thing on the street—so you can and should teach your dog to bark on your order. One key tip to guard dog training is to get your dog to bark when told. Expert dog trainers say a warning bark is a preferred method for scaring off potential attackers.

commands for your dog

Command Three: Leave It

Dogs are naturally curious, and sometimes their curiosity lands them in a bit of trouble. So rather than constantly telling your dog no, say “leave it” when they’re grabbing something they shouldn’t. You can still say “no” at times, but many dog trainers recommend you reserve it for when your dog is in real trouble.

Try using the “leave it” command when your dog picks up a foreign object or toy that isn’t theirs. Once your dog has mastered this command, pair it with “drop it” so you no longer have to wrestle them as you try pulling an object from their mouth.

Command Four: Stay

“Stay” is another must-know command for your dog, and like others, it protects you and your canine. A dog that stays won’t go running out the door when company visits. You can begin training at mealtime. When you first set your dog’s food down, they should remain sitting with enough space for you to back away from the bowl. Don’t allow them to get up and enjoy their meal until you’ve given the “free” command.

Command Five: Recall

Unlike the other commands, recall isn’t the name of the verbal direction but rather an explanation. Recall is your dog’s ability to respond to its name when called, and a well-behaved pooch always comes. This is of the most important things you’ll teach your dog. A dog that responds to its name won’t take off and will know to return to you when called. Remember, while tricks are fun, commands for your dog keep your furry friend safe!

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