5 Posing Tips to Help Display Hot Toys Properly

Collecting toy action figures make kids and kids at heart extra giddy with excitement. The demand for high-quality and valuable figures continues to surge, which means that these toys have become more expensive nowadays. High-end collectables like hot toys are often in demand, which makes it extra special. These action figures are detailed scale models of popular pop culture characters. Toys like these normally come with impressive realistic features. 

If you happen to be considered as one of the most fortunate collectors to get hold of your favourite movie or comic book characters from hot toys, figuring out the way to display it properly must be your next step. You may want to present your precious toys in their original upright poses or change it to achieve a museum-like pose.  

Here are several useful guides on how to display your hot toys properly to make them look more presentable.  

display hot toys
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Tip #1: Check The Manual

All hot toys action figures come with a unique manual. It will let you know the maximum rotation angle that each body type can handle. This information will help you avoid breaking the delicate parts when changing the pose of the toy. Several sixth scale action figure varieties have more flexible body parts compared to the other models. So always consult with the manual first before attempting to fix the toy to have a different pose. 


Tip #2: Check Out The Materials Of The Toy’s Outfit/Costume

The flexibility of the action figure also lies in the materials used in making the outfits. For example, the Spider-Man Advanced Suit model comes with a vinyl outfit, which makes it more flexible for extreme pose changes. It has a lesser risk for creases or tears in the suit. Some figures like the Deluxe Version of Hawkeye come with interchangeable costumes and body parts for proper posing changes. 


Tip #3: Maximise The Displace Space 

Finding a display case with an adequate size could let you experiment with different poses for your precious hot toys. It will allow you to put two action figures together for a reenactment of your favourite scene in the movies or the graphics novels. You may also use the space to create your fantasy fight scene involving some of your favourite characters. You only need to find a sturdy display case in large sizes to let you have more display options or try to make it on your own.  


Tip #4: Revise The Poses Regularly To Prevent Extended Joint Pressure

Like humans, your sixth scale action figures may also experience loose joints when left in a single pose for a long time. It means that you need to re-pose it from time to time to avoid the joint pressure. Changing the pose often will also allow you to regularly clean your action figures so it will not collect dust and other particles in the bent areas.  


Tip #5: Exercise Extreme Caution

Patience is a virtue when displaying your hot toys action figures. You must always handle it with care since these detailed objects may easily break when moved based on the pose that you have in mind. If you try to rush to achieve a particular pose, it may cause you to lose your patience. It may force you to make poor decisions that could lead to damages in the figure. So always remain calm and composed when finding a good pose for your action figure. 

Collecting hot toys action figures can cost a lot of money. But the fulfilment that you will feel each time you see your collection is often priceless. You only need to ensure that you will keep all items in its best condition to keep the value of your toys for years. If you know how to make them pose properly, you can always discover the best ways to display these figures for everyone to see.

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