5 Reasons Why Laundry Services are The Best

Doing laundry yourself can be a real pain sometimes, especially if you work full time. It gets pretty hard to manage both work and household chores. You’re probably asking yourself, “Where can I find a good pick up laundry service near me?” You’re also pondering whether you should choose laundry services or just go to a coin laundry facility nearby.

This article will cover why you should choose a laundry delivery and pick-up service over going to a coin laundry place and the benefits.

laundry services
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Saves Time 

If you’re going to a laundromat to get your laundry done, you’ll know it takes some time out of your day. You have to wait in line and do your dirty laundry by yourself. On the other hand, with a laundry pick-up and delivery service, all you have to do is schedule a time for your clothes to be picked up, and you’ll get it delivered, usually within a couple of days.


Generally, laundry services that do pick-up and delivery charge a flat rate, unlike laundromats. For this flat rate, you’ll be getting your clothes picked up, cleaned, folded, and delivered to your doorstep.

More “Me Time”

Adding on to the first point, taking the help of a laundry delivery service can give you extra time to relax and spend much-needed alone time with yourself.


A laundry service can majorly help those who are elderly, ill, or just people too busy to do their laundry. The convenience of getting your laundry picked up and then delivered back to you is a huge plus.

Professional Results

A laundry delivery service will use better liquids and more powerful machines than your own washer or the machines at the typical laundromat.

laundry services
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Process Of Laundry Pick-Up And Delivery Services

Once you schedule a pick-up, a driver will arrive at your location within a designated window. You should have all your laundry in bags before the driver’s arrival and separate any dry cleaning items into a separate labeled bag. The service generally does not accept laundry in hampers or laundry baskets at pick-up.

Lights and darks are sorted first. Any valuables found are set aside for safekeeping. Your laundry is handled with great care, but the laundry service is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stained items left in the laundry.

The laundry service uses stain remover and bleach as needed. Unless specifically requested, all loads are washed using cold water. Also, dryer sheets are used, and clothes are dried on high heat. Dry items aren’t hanged, but the laundry service can put your clothes in the dryer on no-heat if requested.

Standard service includes hangers for collared shirts, tops with full-length zippers, blouses, dress pants/slacks, dresses, and women’s jumpers. If requested, they will hang additional items for an additional $0.10 per hanger. All other items are folded.

Bottom Line

Overall, pick-up and delivery laundry services are excellent and super convenient if you want to save time and money and squeeze in some extra time to relax. If you’re still wondering, “Where can I find a good pick up laundry service near me?”, a quick google search should help you out. Don’t forget to do your research to find the best pick-up laundry service near you!

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