5 Simple Recipes for Winter

Every season has its seasonal vegetables and iconic recipes, and winter is no different. Some people might associate winter with scarcity, but it’s anything but in reality. Winter is a time of root vegetables and delicious steak meals topped with an unforgettable mushroom and onion sauce.  Check out some of these simple recipes for winter!

Winter Lentil Soup 

Winter is the perfect time for lentil soup, most of the ingredients are in season, and it’s cold enough outside to enjoy the warming effects of a hearty lentil soup in your belly. It’s easy to make lentil soup in winter; all you need are some red lentils, onions, carrots, and optional ham. 

Lentil soup can be made veggie or with some ham; traditionally, it has a trace flavor of ham running through it, but that is optional if you are veggie or vegan. All you need to do to make lentil soup is to boil the relevant ingredients, add some seasoning, and blend it if you want.   

Vegetable Casserole 

A vegetable casserole is a perfect way to feed the family in winter; not only is a vegetable casserole very healthy, but the ingredients are also cheap to buy in the supermarket and the recipe is easy to follow. For a veggie casserole, you will need celery, onions, carrots, and beef. 

If you want to make a vegetable casserole for your family, you will also need a stock pot. When you have everything you need, simply add all the ingredients to the pot and boil them with water from the kettle. When the vegetables are soft, put the stock pot in a preheated oven for a time.   

recipes for winter
Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Mushrooms and Onions 

A steak dinner is an ideal way to celebrate the festive season or for a family treat on the weekends. Steaks are delicious and healthy, but you need the right seasoning and sauces to really bring them to life. Consider a side of mushrooms and onions to enhance your steaks. 

Find out how to make caramelized onions and mushrooms for the festive season, and you will always have a delicious meal idea for your family. That said, you need to be careful with how often you treat your family with steaks, so they don’t become boring. Aim for a variety of meals.

Puppy Chow 

Puppy chow is another excellent way to treat your family over the festive season, but again, you will have to be careful with how often you allow them to eat puppy chow; it’s extremely sweet and high in calories. Puppy chow is a mixture of random candy, cereals, and peanut butter. 

Making puppy chow is a bit of a project because you have a lot of sweets and candy to make and put together, but if you are handy in the kitchen or you want to challenge yourself this festive season, puppy chow can make an excellent project, and the kids will appreciate it.  

Roasted Vegetables 

Another simple and effective winter recipe is roasted vegetables that are delicious and simple to make. Unlike other winter meals, this one can be made any day of the week and will support a healthy diet; it is also very tasty when you pour gravy over the top or eat it with some hummus. 


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