5 Things To Know About Finishing Your Basement

Basements are a great asset to any house, and most homeowners have various uses for this part of their home. Although some use it as a place to store belongings like furniture and holiday decorations, others transform it into an indoor oasis. But before you can carve out the perfect space, you need to know a few things about finishing your basement successfully.

Have a Layout in Mind

Every great project begins with a plan. Decide on a layout for your basement that fits within your budget. Do you want to add a playroom for the kids? Will you do laundry down here? Noting these things allows you to decide where to create rooms and build internal walls.

If you add specific plumbing fixtures to the basement, you may need to hire additional contractors. For example, if you want to add a bathroom into the basement, you’ll need to install an ejector pump and connect it to your plumbing.

Evaluate Your Foundation

Once you have blueprints for your design, walk around the house to inspect your foundation—look for cracks or other signs of damage. If you spot a crack, you should contact a waterproofing company so that they can repair it. Foundational issues are serious, and you never want to leave them and risk an at-home flood once you’ve beautified your basement.

Don’t Paint Concrete Walls

Although it may be tempting to paint the concrete wall, never do this. Experts advise against painting bare basement walls because it can lead to mold growth if there’s a flood or water vapor in the air. Instead, frame out the walls and put in insulation and drywall; you can safely paint after doing all this!

Decide on Flooring

Since the current floors are concrete, you’ll need to install something like carpet, wood, or vinyl. Consider the function of each room as you settle on the ideal flooring. Plush carpeting is best for a playroom for your kiddos, but you may prefer vinyl or wood flooring for a home theater. And you definitely want tile or a waterproof vinal in any room with plumbing fixtures.

Know What Tasks Require Experts

The final thing to know about finishing your basement is that some jobs require an expert. When it comes to home projects, it can be tempting to try tackling everything yourself. Homeowners want the satisfaction of saying they put in the work and it gave amazing results. However, some tasks like placing electrical outlets are dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Hire experts to handle safety inspections, install electrical fixtures and outlets, and hook up plumbing fixtures. You want to be certain every aspect of the project goes well. Meanwhile, you can pick out each item and take pride in saying you’re the decorator. Transform your basement into the dream space for your family!

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