5 Tips for an Elegant Floor Plan for Your Home

Having an entryway that is both spacious and bright can do a lot to add elegance to the floor plan of your home. Talk to your NC home builders about adding sidelights to your front doors, so you have access to more natural light.

A porch with quality seating can make your home both more friendly and more elegant from the street. Avoid putting out too much furniture once you have the space. Allowing for as much empty square footage as possible adds restful elegance to each space in your home.

  • Stay Open

An open floor plan is inherently more elegant. To keep your open space more visually appealing and restful, talk with your contractor about

  • uniform flooring throughout the space
  • maintaining the same wood tones or painted trim throughout
  • putting in ceiling fans to move air effectively

One of the nice things about an open plan is that the sense of space increases the elegance. One of the challenging things is that any clutter in the kitchen can be seen from many different angles. If you aren’t ready for that, consider adding a sliding barn door between the kitchen and the rest of the house instead of taking out a wall. These doors, from hardware to wood patterns, can be striking pieces of art on their own.

floor plan
Image by Jesse Bridgewater from Pixabay
  • Work with Light

Invest in a bay or bowed window along the front of your house. Consider adding a bench seat on your window bump-out, or take it all the way to the floor and create a seating area inside the curve of light in your bowed window. Bay and bow windows are excellent spots to open up your home and let in the fresh air. Carefully consider how these windows will look from the street with an eye toward what will be screened and what will not.

Avoid overloading your windows with too much fabric. If you need thermal or UV protective drapes for part of the day, get them in a color that either matches the walls or the trim. Make it possible to move them out of the way completely to invite in more light.

In the master bedroom, consider adding a deck and a sliding glass door to the private patio. While a front porch can be friendly, a private deck just for the family will boost your enjoyment in your space.

  • Incorporate Storage Into Doorway Walls

Because open concept design adds elegance, making sure that you have enough storage and display space can be challenging. Take a look at where the walls will be and see if you can add built-in storage around those doorways.

For example, you can add glass display case shelving and lights for collectibles on top and covered cabinetry along the bottom for games, electronic charging strips, and any necessary internet tools. By pairing storage and walls together, you can easily keep clutter under control and enjoy your open space. Consider adding mirrors behind your collectibles and make sure any lighting you incorporate into this can be programmed to allow for color changes.

  • Avoid or Update Hallways

The tight, tiny hallways of many older homes can quickly date a space. If you are updating your ranch house and wondering what to do with your dark hallway, focus on adding light. Instead of lining the hall with family photos, add mirrors to bounce light around. If you can, add a tubular skylight that will brighten the space without exposing it to direct light that will overheat the area.

When designing your home, try to incorporate any necessary hallways with a natural light source at the end. Even better, look for ways to add a sliding glass door onto an outdoor seating area at the end of the hallway. If your hallway has to come to a dead-end, add an interesting hanging lamp and a small table to create a focal point.

Light, space, and air movement are all critical to increasing the elegance of your home. Once the bone structure or floor plan of the space has been decided, you can incorporate design ideas, from marble backsplashes to maple floors, that will complete the picture.


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