5 Top Reasons To Make a Birth Plan

You can’t help but feel excited when you find out that you’re pregnant. Moments of anxiety dissipate when you think about your beautiful baby. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, though, you should prepare for the day of your child’s arrival. One of the best ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery is to have a birth plan. Here are the five top reasons to make a birth plan.

1. Guide Your Providers

Your birth plan should detail how you want your birth to happen ideally. It will tell your doctor or midwife whether you want pain medication and any other nuances particular to your desired birthing experience. Further, you can make decisions ahead of time about what to do in various unideal situations.

2. Keep All Providers in the Loop

Part of your plan can detail which of your doctors you want to communicate with each other. If you have several doctors, it’s helpful if they work together. Additionally, your birth plan can detail your needs to any doctor who’s available when you go into labor. Your primary physician may not be available at the exact moment you begin going into labor.

Top Reasons To Make a Birth Plan

3. Facilitate Communication

Communication is key when you’re pregnant. A birth plan may help you relay information to your support team, including your providers, spouse, parents, and others. You should discuss your birth plan with your support team before the final days of your pregnancy to ensure everyone knows why you’ve made your decisions.

4. Prepare Your Options Ahead of Time

The best reason to make a birth plan is to set your decisions ahead of time. When you’re in pain and agitated, you may find it difficult to remember your choices or why you made them. If you want your support team to keep you accountable for your decisions, write them in your plan.

5. Ease Your Mind

Making decisions preemptively about something you know will happen is a great way to ease the stress on your mind. While you can’t predict everything that will occur, you can have a plan that prepares you and everyone around you for likely scenarios. Your peace of mind is vital, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.

While you can’t plan for everything, you can ensure your pregnancy goes well by communicating with your support team and making important decisions ahead of time. Share these five top reasons to make a birth plan with other pregnant mothers you know. Sharing is caring, and you’ll be doing a good deal of that soon.


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