5 Top Tips For Parents Who Are Homeschooling While Working During The Pandemic

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For parents that aren’t used to homeschooling, the pandemic has brought the challenge of having to ensure that their child is still learning while they have to work from home. A task which might feel impossible, it’s good to know the best practices of doing this, so that your stress levels remain low as possible.

No matter how old your child is or what you’re teaching them, you need to discover the best ways to balance your working routine around helping your children. But if you don’t know where to start with this, then the process might seem very daunting. To help guide you, here are 5 top tips you can use while homeschooling your little ones, alongside working yourself.

#1 – Be Honest With Your Employers

No matter what your job, you need to know that you’re going to be less productive during this time, especially if you have to homeschool at the same time – it’s just a fact. So it’s a good idea to be proactive and honest with your employers so that realistic expectations are set. As everyone is in the same boat, they should understand this.

To do this effectively and to prevent any misunderstandings down the line, you should figure out when you’ll be able to work, how much you think you can get completed and when you’ll be available. Then, report this to your boss and get their thoughts on it.

#2 – Create Designated Workspaces 

By carving out designated workspaces for your children, they will be able to stay as engaged as possible throughout the ‘school’ day. This way, they will also be able to complete different tasks (e.g no matter what year they are in, whether they are 2nd grade or above, there are online resources to complete in a quiet learning space), video call with their teachers if need be, etc. 

#3 – Set a Schedule

Ok, so this might sound like an obvious one, but it’s essential during this time. Children react well to a schedule and tend to be cooperative with it – especially if they help to create it. 

So by sitting down with them and working out a schedule that works for both you and them, you’ll get some work done while they can learn the curriculum. Alongside school time, the schedule can include outside time, quiet play, etc. 

#4 – Take a Break

Although it’s tempting to try and homeschool and work without taking a break, this isn’t sensible in the long run. This time is very stressful for everyone in the household, so it’s worth setting apart a time every day to relax with your little ones and do an activity outside or inside that gives both of you a break from work. 

This will help to clear and refresh both yours and your kid’s minds so that you return to work feeling more motivated. 

#5 – Check-in With Your Kids

As aforementioned, this time is just as challenging on them as it is one you. And while it’s not good to keep mentioning the horrors in the world at the moment, it’s good to be honest with them. It’s important that you check in with them, ask them how they are coping and tune into their needs.

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