5 Ways Early Learning Centers Can Promote Child Development

For most working parents, dropping their child off at a day-care or childcare when they head off to work to start their day is a daily morning ritual. While day-care is what most parents understand, an early learning centre might be the best option for you and your child. Kids’ early learning centre is a structured learning environment for kids with teachers and other children. 

Early learning sets the foundation for life. According to the NICHD reports, what children learn in the first few years of their lives has a lasting impact on their success and health as children, teens, and later adults. Here are some of the ways early learning centres help in your child’s development:

Promotes Emotional Connect and Social Development 

A child develops a trusting relationship with their peers, parents, and teachers only when they feel secure with them. This feeling of security gives rise to an emotional connection in children. Teachers at the early learning centres aren’t just someone who watches over. They are the mentors who encourage your child to play, explore, and learn. Also, interaction and play sessions with peers encourage social development. 

Children Learn Important Life Skills to be Independent 

Early learning centres focus on tasks that make kids self-dependent. Simple tasks like watering plants, setting the table, eating, etc. develop life skills that enable them to take care of themselves. 

Another important lesson that your little ones learn is the importance of sharing and helping others. It could be simple instructions from teachers like showing the new kid where the colour pencils are or helping them with papers or pencils instil in kids the importance of helping others and sharing, making them better humans later in life.

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Instils Discipline 

One of the biggest advantages of a kid’s early learning centre is that it provides a structured learning environment. The kids are coached to sit in a place, follow instructions and complete tasks. These organised spaces promote discipline and learning in a social setting, something they’ll need for the rest of their lives. Also, learning in a structured environment instils in them the importance of routine and schedule in their daily life.

Promotes Cognitive Development and Language Skills 

Early learning centres focus on story-telling, interaction with peers, conversational games, etc. that develop language and vocabulary. Activities like singing, talking, dancing, recognising animals, and alphabets are also encouraged in cognitive development.

Math and Reading Skills 

One of the objectives of the early learning centres is to prepare the child for kindergarten. Activities like singing alphabet songs, following the picture book are introduced to build connections between written and spoken words. Games like sorting, counting introduce the child to numbers. Such activities make learning simple, easily understandable by toddlers and are fun. 

Little children aged 3 to 6 are like a sponge, ready to absorb and soak anything and everything. Therefore, parents need to equip them with the skills and resources they’ll need to learn about life. Of course, full-time mothers may argue that math, reading, language can be taught at home, too. 


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