5 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In History

If there is one thing that you can say about children, it’s that they are passionate little people! They find a topic that they love – whether that be Pokemon or Math – and they roll with it. They see their favorite topics in everything that they do, and this is a blessing! 

One subject that all parents should get their children involved in is human history. Children don’t realize just how fascinating history is – until we tell them about something, and it sparks off an interest. You don’t have to dive into the basics of human life for them to become interested in history as a topic, either. All you have to do is find the start of the conversation. If a child is on the beach admiring the swirl on the shells for which they’ve foraged, you can start a conversation about fossils. This can then lead to the fossil gifts that you could buy to take home and then learn about other fossils. It’s a whole conversation that goes back through time, right to the Jurassic period.

Children are sponges, and if you want to get your child interested in history, we’ve got five tips to get you there. Let’s go!

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  1. Start with a trip. The beach is always a great place to talk about history, as we mentioned earlier. However, there are museums, historic sites, battlefields, and even old artifacts that you can visit. The world itself is a historical landmark, so visit different towns, coastlines, libraries, and more – it keeps history interesting. You want to teach about more than the country in which you are based, though. World history needs to be taught for a rounded appreciation of life.
  2. Head to the libraries and bookstores. The best thing about books today is that so many are written in a way in which children can understand them. There are picture books, funny books, and exciting books that make history bite-sized and much easier to digest.
  3. History can be boring for kids if it doesn’t seem to affect them. The best way around this is to ensure that the history lesson which you are giving is as relatable as possible. Link it to voting, to why they can go to school and even the history of their favorite rollercoasters matters!
  4. Playing historical games with either toys or board games can lead to a conversation about the choices made through history. Games like Battleships and Risk are excellent games to play to get your kids stirred up and excited to learn.
  5. Showing how we use history every single day to help us grow and evolve is so essential. Please talk about the place you live and how it came to be a town. You can relate everything to history. If you have daughters, teach them about Emmeline Pankhurst and votes for women. Teach your sons, too, come to think of it. 


Children are eager and resilient. Help them to learn, and they’ll soak it up greedily! History rocks – why not show them?

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