5 Ways To Prepare for Your Child’s First Day of Homeschool

More families than ever before are choosing to homeschool their children due to the many benefits homeschooling offers. But the transition from formal school to homeschool can be tricky. Getting ready for your child’s first year of homeschool can be daunting and confusing, especially for parents who haven’t homeschooled before. But there are ways to prepare for your child’s first day of homeschool! Explore these tips to start the school year for your family off right.

Start Date

Setting a start date might seem obvious, but you must determine the start of your school year sooner rather than later. For parents preparing for hybrid learning, that date might coincide with the local school district. Experienced homeschoolers can also do the same. But once you have that date inked into your calendar, you and your children can begin to get into the right frame of mind for the upcoming school year.

Prepare Learning Space

In the same way that teachers set up their classrooms days before formal school begins, you should set up your learning space. Remove any clutter that might have gathered there over the summer and make a list of all the necessary school supplies and books you’ll need. Most importantly, update the space to reflect the change in your children’s grade level. 

School Supply Shopping

When you have your list of supplies, you can purchase supplies for your kids to do their work and what you need to teach them! There is an abundance of online resources to find used textbooks and templates for curriculum.

Make a Plan

When creating your lesson plans, it’s better to have them in place before the first day, even if it’s only for a few weeks ahead. But be sure to go easy the first day and even the first week. Transitioning from the freedom of summer into studying every day will need some moderation.

Resources to help 

To provide a great learning experience modern schools use a wide range of resources. Your average school might use a Vivi digital message board, science-work books, 

 arts and crafts supplies, and plenty more.

To help you prepare, gather all the resources that you’re going to need. Whether it’s textbooks or digital apps, write a list and ensure that you get nice and organized. There are lots of apps that can be useful for homeschooling parents, including Homeschool Helper, Bilingual Bebe, which offers french lessons for kids online, and Khan Academy.

First Day Fun

Make the first-day fun! Creating a memorable experience is especially important for little ones beginning their academic journey. Prepare an awesome breakfast (or go out for one), take photos of their first day, and incorporate fun activities throughout the first day.

There are quite a few ways to prepare for your child’s first day of homeschool; whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, you can rest assured that if you make it memorable for the kids, it will be a successful start to the school year!


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