5 World Recipes you Need to Try

If you’re a foodie, there are some world foods you simply must try; these include Asian cuisine made from rice noodles and veggies, Canadian classics that combine some of the most popular food items into a single dish, genius Greek gyros that can be made easily in your home, and many more culinary delights. Don’t miss out; read on and find out about popular world recipes.  

Pad Thai from Thailand

If you like Asian cuisine, you might have come across Pad Thai before; either way, it’s definitely one to look for in your local area. Pad Thai originates in Thailand, where it is commonly served as street food. Pad Thai consists of rice noodles, vegetables, tofu, or shrimp covered over with a tangy sauce. Try making Pad Thai in your kitchen, or else order it from a local restaurant. 

Pad Thai can be enjoyed during the day for lunch or as a special treat in the evenings while watching your favorite shows. Not only is it made with delicious ingredients, but it also has a delicious sauce and contains nuts for extra flavor. A quality Pad Thai will have a nice combination of flavors, including sweet, sour, and salty, that offer something for everyone.   

Canadian Poutine 

As part of the “new world,” Canada has been influenced by countries and cultures from every part of the globe, but there is one nation that has influenced Canada more than the rest, and that is France. The province of Quebec speaks French as a first language and has influenced the culinary culture as well, including one of the nation’s favorite dishes, the street food, poutine.

Poutine has been a firm favorite throughout Canada for decades – it is thought to have originated in rural Quebec in the 1950s. Poutine consists of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy, a simple dish that is irresistible, especially on a night out. Poutine has become so popular that it is now sold in major fast chains around the world. It has become a special comfort food.   

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Greek Lamb Gyros

If you are new to gyros, you are in the right place. Picture the large tuning meat wheels in the restaurants of your nearest town or when you visit somewhere overseas. The meat is sometimes beef and sometimes lamb. Using a knife or a cutting device, the chef slices stripes from the revolving meat and puts them into a wrap or pitta bread – this is what we call gyros. 

Greek culinary culture is famous for its gyros, especially its lamb gyros with tzatziki sauce. There are two ways to try this global favorite, pay a visit to the Greek islands and have your fill of culinary classics, or make the meal yourself with a few basic ingredients from your local supermarket. Remember to include the tzatziki sauce and vegetables for traditional flavors. 

Indian Biryani 

Of course, Indian curry is a classic world food, and for good reasons, but it is too simplistic to think of Indian curry as a meal; there are many variations within this food class – Indian Biryani is one of them. Typically, Indian Biryani is made with mixed rice, meats including lamb, beef, and chicken, and sometimes potatoes. It is popular with Muslims in the Indian sub-continent.   

Indian Biryani is a staple of many households in the region, but you can still find this popular dish in restaurants around the world. With incredible spices and flavors, this is definitely a meal you need to try if you want to sample classic world foods. Again, you can choose a restaurant to try an Indian biryani in, but you can also make it yourself using a quality recipe found online.  

Mexican Tacos 

Mexico is home to some lovely culinary delights that you can find all over the world. Mexican cuisine consists of food made from tacos, tortillas, and wraps that typically contain shredded meat in the form of beef or chicken, vegetables, sauces, and cheese. This food is common in the region, but it is also popular throughout the world for its flavors and simplicity to make. 


Chances are you have tried Mexican tacos at some point in your life, but they are not an everyday meal. We all forget about tacos until we recall them, and it’s time to find a taco source. If you want to sample real tacos, there is no substitute for a visit to the homeland, but if you’re like most people, the next best thing will suffice. Find a high-quality Mexican restaurant.      

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