6 DIY Ideas for Creating a Backyard Oasis

Whether your backyard has a vegetable garden in the corner, an unused jungle gym set up, or both, you can find so many simple ways to adorn your land and patio. It’s your space; you get to choose what to do with it!

Since it’s such a significant part of your home environment, you deserve a space that helps you thrive. Find whatever works for you, such as an extended herb garden, a consistent theme, or simplified landscaping. To add extra pizzazz, start with any of these DIY ideas for creating a backyard oasis.

Install Aluminum Pail Planters

Branch away from the ceramic, plastic, or terracotta pots, and grab some aluminum pails. These will add some sparkle and personality to your yard that you won’t get with traditional pottery.

Add Burlap Pillows

With all the fabrics that you can use in your decor, why settle for boring ones? You can easily reuse old burlap to style any pillows or cushions you have in the yard.

6 DIY Ideas for Creating a Backyard Oasis

Design an Outdoor Working Area

When the weather is too enjoyable to miss—don’t! Set up a work area outside that you or the kids can use when you need some fresh air and sunshine. Homeschooling or homework can be outdoors too!

Incorporate Distressed Wood

Wood has nearly infinite uses around the house. For backyards, you could build a porch swing, a playhouse, or even an extended patio. Just make sure you aren’t making any DIY deck-building mistakes.

Use Mason Jar Lighting

Mason jars are so multi-functional in our lives! When they aren’t storing food or other supplies in the house, they make for excellent lighting when you add fairy lights or tea light candles.

Create a Wagon Wheel Wreath

Try using an old wagon wheel or wheel frame as a skeletal structure for a wreath. Spruce up the environment throughout the year with multiple creations as the seasons and holidays change!

It doesn’t take much to add your own dashing touches to your yard. Explore more DIY ideas for creating a backyard oasis online to find your perfect fit.


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