7 Pastas Every Pasta Lover Should Know

Who loves Italian pasta? We do! We do! Do you know your pastas, though? Yes, there are pasta connoisseurs out there that know their pasta stuff.  Not all pasta is made the same nor is all pasta formed the same. Pasta goes just beyond simple noodles. There are many types and styles of pasta and we are going to look into some of the best pasta styles that any pasta lover should know.


Everyone should know this famous pasta noodle. Lasanga is wide and flat and is considered to be the oldest of all the types of pasta noodles. It is a stackable noodle where fillings like cheese, meat, vegetables are placed in the middle and layered also with sauce.


When you hear the word pasta spaghetti instantly comes to mind, right? Its origins starting all the way back to The Roman Empire, even the Mediterranean had meals where a long thin noodle was used that helped start it all and evolve into the pasta king it is today. It even has its own holiday in the U.S.

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 Also known as “Bow Tie” or “Butterfly” pasta, you have probably seen these cute pasta noodles in the grocery stores. Their origins date back to 1500 in Northern Italy. They are used in a variety of recipes, but more widely used in pasta salads or cream sauce dishes.


Fettuccine is a well-known pasta usually partnered with alfredo sauce. It’s a flat egg pasta noodle and is thought to have its origins from the Roman’s and Greek’s pasta called lagane.


Here is another well-known pasta, ravioli. They are like a pasta pocket as they are normally a squared shaped pasta filled with meats, cheeses, or vegetables. In fact, its Italian name riavvolgere translates “to wrap.” It was first mentioned way back in the 14th century. The recipe called for blanched green herbs, fresh cheese, and a beaten egg. It is then simmered in a broth. What? No tomato sauces? Well, the deliciousness of Ravioli served in tomato sauce was not discovered actually until the 16th century.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay


This curvy round filling filled pasta is said to be inspired by the goddess Venus’s navel. Said to have been invented in a town in the province of Modena that is near Bologna called Castelfranco Emilia. Tortellini is an egg-based pasta dough rolled out and filled with prosciutto and parmesan cheese, or the more familiar ricotta. You can also do beef or pork. Either choice is then rolled and pinched in the fun Roundy shape we know and love.


If spaghetti is the king of pasta then macaroni has to be the queen. A dry tube curved shape pasta made with durum wheat it is said that medieval travelers with Marco Polo traveled all around and discovered macaroni in China. then brought it back to Europe. They can be large or small, and used in a wide selection of dishes.

 Ah, pasta, now, I bet you are hungry!

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