7 Things To Keep in Mind if Your Cat Is in Heat

Cat owners must follow certain steps when caring for a female cat in heat. The heat cycles can present some unpleasant situations for the cat, and the pet owner will need to follow precautions to keep their cat safer and comfortable throughout the cycle. Male cats could pose a serious risk to the female during the heat cycle since male cats are drawn to their pheromones. 

Many vets recommend spaying female cats when they are at least six months old to avoid heat cycles. The surgery involves the removal of the cat’s reproductive organs to prevent them from getting pregnant. Until the pet owner can have their cat spayed, here are seven things to keep in mind when their cat goes into heat. 

  1. Cat Diapers Can Help

Cat diapers cover the female cat’s rear completely and provide a hole for their tail. The diapers can provide adequate protection from male cats and prevent them from attacking the female. The products are also highly absorbent and capture the blood and discharge that flow when a cat is in heat. This could prevent the blood or discharge from getting on furnishings or flooring and keep the cat more comfortable during their heat cycle. Pet owners can learn more about cat diapers by visiting Pet Parents now. 

  1. Keep Your Cat Inside 

If at all possible, the pet owner should keep their cat indoors throughout their entire heat cycle. Stray male cats are more likely to be drawn to the cat and the property if they smell the pheromones in the air.

Male cats are more likely to attack the female cat and try to mount her. The males will spray the entire yard to keep other cats away from the female. If the male cats are neutered, they will spread urine all over the yard. If the female cat stays indoors, the male cats are less likely to become aware that the cat is in heat.  

  1. Your Cat Can Get Pregnant At Any Time

A female cat could get pregnant at any time during their heat cycle, and they can get pregnant by more than one male cat. Female cats can have up to 12 kittens in each litter, and if the pet owner doesn’t want kittens, they need to keep the female cat away from males until the owner can get the cat spayed. Female cats can have at least two heat cycles a year depending on their current age. If the owner doesn’t want a litter of kittens, it is recommended that they take every precaution to prevent it.  

  1. She Will Be Overly Affectionate

When the female cat is in heat, they will become overly affectionate toward their pet owner, and it is recommended that the pet owner give the cat as much attention as possible. The increased affection is because of the changing hormones in the cat’s body, and the pet owner must be as patient and understanding as possible. A heat cycle can be a troubling time for the female cat, and she will need as much compassion as possible. 

The cat will also roll around on the floor and become more vocal. This could be frustrating for some pet owners since the cats can become quite loud. If they become annoyed, they can provide the female cat with a place to sleep away from their owner to give themselves a break and ensure that the female cat is safe.  

cat in heat
Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay
  1. Separate Her From Other Cats

If the pet owner has more than one cat or dog in their home, it is recommended that they separate their female cat from their other pets during the heat cycle. A heat cycle can become stressful for the female cat and other pets.

Other cats may try to start fights or attack the female while she is in heat. If the pet owner has a separate bedroom, they can set up a place for their female cat to rest and relax until the end of her heat cycle. This could keep all their pets calmer and prevent the female cat from getting injured.  

  1. It Can Become Painful for Your Cat

A heat cycle causes the female cat to bleed, and they will have a discharge. This can become quite painful and uncomfortable for the cats, and they will need comfort. The pet owner could discuss their cat’s discomfort with their vet, and they may get some form of pain medication for their cat’s discomfort. The pet owner should follow all the vet’s instructions for distributing the medication to their cat.  

  1. She Will Have Heat Cycles Until She Is Spayed

The age of the cat defines how many heat cycles they have each year. Studies show that cats can have up to five litters of kittens each year if they are not spayed. The pet owner will see signs of the first heat cycle when the cat is 6 months old. If they do not want their cat to continue to have a heat cycle, the pet owner must set up an appointment with their vet to have their cat spayed.

The procedure will require an overnight stay at the vet’s office, and the pet owner will be given care instructions for the pet after the surgery. It is recommended that the pet owner keeps their female cat separated from other pets in the home until they have healed completely.  

Cat owners must follow precautions to keep their cats safer when the cats are in heat. Female cats could go into heat several times and year if they are not spayed. During these heat cycles, the cat could become pregnant with up to 12 kittens. Experts recommend providing the cat with as much affection and comfort as possible since heat cycles can be painful for the cats.

During heat cycles, it is recommended that the owner separates the female cat from other pets in the home. The cat will continue to experience the heat cycles until they are spayed, and vets recommend setting up the surgery after the cat is at least six months old. By reviewing what you need to know about heat cycles, a pet owner stays informed and provides proper care for their cats. 

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