8 Best Coding Classes for Kids in the USA

There are several beneficial coding courses available for children these days. Earlier coding was meant for adults but as the technology is getting advanced, the demand for coders is also increasing day by day. And, that is the reason most schools are making children learn coding at an early age. Plenty of websites offer such courses free of cost but there are somewhere you have to purchase a subscription. The best part about these platforms is you can learn while sitting anywhere; be it in your living room or bedroom. Below is a carefully compiled list of the best coding classes for kids in the US. Go through the list once and see what suits your child the best.

  • Blockly

Blockly is a well-known coding website that teaches programming principles and introduced JavaScript using a block-based programming approach. It is more like doing a puzzle expect at the end of every session you will learn something. Each puzzle piece represents a block of code, which is similar to a paragraph that they have provided in the story. You just have to drag and drop the pieces to create a sequence of code. 

Overall, the website is simple and is suitable for children above 8 years. The courses are free of cost and are straightforward as well. The platform aims to prepare kids to learn conventional text-based computer programming languages.

  • Python Coder

This class has been specifically designed for kids to learn the Python programming language. Before the course takes your child to the Python concepts, he will learn about the basics of coding and the logic of Python. This virtual course includes learning, covering subjects such as data types, iteration, functions, user inputs, and more. Moreover, it is ideal for children aged between 10 to 16 and gives them all the basics to prepare them for the modern world.

  • Code Advantage 

Code Advantage is one of the amazing platforms where kids can learn to code. They create an environment where kids develop logical thinking, creative exploration & critical reasoning skills. Kids can take classes based on their age or the class in which they are studying. Code Advantage platform is super easy to use. Use the Code Advantage coupons & offers to save some cash

coding classes for kids
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  • 3D game design

As the name itself suggests, 3D game design is one of the courses that teach children to design 3D games. The game is designed for slightly older kids that teaches how to use visual scripting tools, without the complexity of coding syntax. The children can learn how to create incredible game mechanics using best practices. They will also master essential coding concepts necessary for the modern world. 

  • Minecraft with Mods

Minecraft virtual course has proved to be one of the best to date which teaches the concepts of Minecraft. During the entire course, children are taught how to mod with Minecraft involving how creatures, blocks, items, and the world works from a programming perspective. Basically, during this course, you will learn everything you need to about Minecraft and how to use the mod with it.

  • Scratch Coding

This online course lets kids learn the basic concepts of coding using the Scratch platform. The classes start with an introduction to coding and all the aspects related to it. With it, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. The platform is designed, moderated, and developed by Scratch foundation and thus it is free of cost. The platform is suitable for all children added between 8-16. They believe that coding has become an important part of literacy in today’s society and they work to make every kid a perfect coder.

coding classes for kids
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  • Java Coder

Everyone knows that Java is an important language in the field of coding and thus Java Coder is a course that teaches children all basics of it. They teach the kids using flowcharts and pseudocode, and the kids can learn everything they need to about the language. Anyone between the age of 11 to 16 can learn this program which includes understating the problem, creating a solution, and writing code for the same. Children will also learn to look at how to make their code more efficient. 

  • Roblox Game Maker

Another coding course, Roblox Game Maker is a course that helps children to set up a project with Roblox Studio. They will virtually learn to design obstacles courses filled with moving platforms, explosive hazards, and more. The online tutors introduce the children to more advanced programming concepts such as variables. Now, these are the lessons that can be transferred to any programming language which is the best part about this course. Towards the end, the course lets your child publish their game and challenge classmates to a kart racing game. Everyone has to find out each other’s game to find out how it is.

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