A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting Ebook Review

I have yet to meet a parent that didn’t think they were screwing up their kid in one way or another. All of us question our skills as parents, and it is because being a parent means that we are constantly the student…we learn something new everyday, and with each new child.

Dr. David Abudram discusses this, and focuses on the three pillars of education, which follow us from infancy through adult hood, and in every aspect of our lives and social interactions.

The three pillars of education, that Dr. Abudram speaks of are:

  • Listening and acceptance
  • Authority and Boundaries
  • Significance and meaning in education

Dr. Abudram breaks down the chapters as follows (taken directly from the book)

  • Chapter One: we will deal with “listening and accepting”, and show how important it is to focus on the heart- the emotional side and to understand where the child is at emotionally. We will show how to avoid approaching the child directly from our intellectual rational heights , (i.e. right/ wrong, logical/ illogical etc.), without first being aware of the child’s emotional state and we will learn how to be accepting and listening parents and teachers. 
  • Chapter Two: we will look at authority and boundaries in education and show how important it is to establish an effective well-balanced system of authority and boundaries and learn how to do this simply.
  • Chapter Three: we will examine the idea of meaning and significance in education and learn how to become meaningful parents for our children. This will in turn allow us to become the people they choose as the most important to guide them in life. We will also learn how to make our children’s lives more meaningful and significant. 
Dr. Abudram discusses 10 types of reactions, that parents have while listening to their children, and while I was reading the book, I found myself recognizing some of those reactions that happened to me as I was growing up (feeling unimportant, pushed aside, judged by those that should be guiding me), things that I vowed to NEVER to to my own children, yet have been doing, I wasn’t even realizing that I was doing it!

This was definitely an eye opener, and a book that I think anyone that deals with children, should read. You can get a Kindle copy of A Guide to Meaningful and Significant Parenting on Amazon for $3.41, and in my opinion, it is worth every penny.


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