A Guide to What Wearing Rings on Each Finger Means

Women and many men love to adorn their fingers with different rings. From wedding rings to signet rings, promise rings to a graduation class ring, they are much loved and treasured possessions. However, they often don’t stop to think about what finger they put the ring on. As long as it fits, they are satisfied. Nevertheless, there is a certain symbolism associated with a ring on each finger and people should be aware of this. What does where you wear your ring say about you?

The Pinky Finger

People who wear their ring on their pinky fingers do so to make a statement. This finger is separated from the body and stands out from the others. As a result, women, and men often choose to wear a flashy or extravagant ring here. Many say a ring on this finger is a sign the individual is good at negotiating and it may be a statement of one’s professional status, but placing the ring here doesn’t have any cultural or religious associations. You can find a wide range of pinky finger rings to select from over at adinasjewels.com if you wish to make your own statement, and stones to consider when shopping include citrine and amber.

The Ring Finger

Romantic partners typically choose to wear a symbol of their love on this finger. In fact, most North and South Americans associated the ring finger with marriage or an engagement, depending on which hand the ring is worn on. This finger is also associated with creativity, beauty, and the moon, so some people who are single may choose to wear a ring on this finger to symbolize one of these things. Jade and moonstone along with traditional diamonds are common stones found on rings designed for the ring finger.


rings on each finger


The Middle Finger

Very few people elect to wear a ring on their middle finger, probably because doing so would interfere with manual tasks. As a result, there is no symbolism associated with wearing a ring on this finger. A person can choose why this wish to do so without fear of making the wrong statement. Some men and women do believe wearing a ring on this finger adds balance to their lives. Stones commonly seen in rings worn on the middle finger include coral and quartz.

The Pointer or Index Finger

Men and women who decide to wear a ring on their pointer or index finger tend to be very confident and have high self-esteem. These same individuals often turn out to be great leaders when the ring is worn on the dominant hand. In contrast, a person who chooses to wear a ring on their passive index or point finger is suggesting they easily accept the leadership of other people. Blue topaz and amethyst are preferred stones for rings meant to be worn on this finger.

The Thumb

More people are now electing to wear a ring on their thumb. When the ring is placed on the right thumb, it symbolizes ambitious hesitation. On the left hand, the same ring is a sign of inner conflict. Common stones seen on thumb rings include ruby and garnet.

One thing to remember is jewelry is personal to the individual. What one man or woman likes another may abhor. For this reason, don’t hesitate to wear a ring on any finger where the jewelry feels comfortable. These pieces are meant to be a reflection of your personality and what better way to show your individuality than by going against the norm?

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