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There is a subscription box for just about everything these days; food, makeup, toys, clothing, you name it and its out there. The only thing lacking about what is available is that they seem to be geared towards only one person being the recipient. That’s why I love The Apollo Box; aside from being able to pick exactly what you want in your box, you have the option of choosing a surprise box.

For the Surprise Box, you pick your plan and then take a survey that tells them what type of things that you like. It also lets you tell them if you have children in your home! When I filled out my survey, I let them know about all of the things and styles that I enjoyed. I let them know that there are girls and boys in my house and that we love to play. When I received my surprise box, I was thrilled!

subscription box

My box contained 3 items; something for me, something for the kids, and something for the entire family to enjoy! Now, this is my type of subscription box; it caters to the entire family!

Based on what information I gave The Apollo Box in my survey, they sent me a rose gold tea diffuser, a set of Sweet Spirits Cookie Cutters for the family, and Galaxy Rocket Cape for the kids.

I love to have a cup of tea at night to wind down, and the rose gold tea diffuser was the perfect gift for me; plus, the rose gold matches my blog theme!

subscription box

The Sweet Spirit Cookie Cutters were the PERFECT addition to our cookie cutter collection, especially since Day of the Dead just passed! The cookie cutters come in four different designs and are imprint cutters instead of traditional cookie cutters. They make absolutely beautiful sugar skulls that are ready for decorating in the bright colors that are part of the Day of the Dead Celebration.

subscription box

Now, my absolute favorite part of this surprise subscription box has to be the Galaxy Rocket Cape that came for the kids. It comes with a rocket, orbiter shuttle, flames, and three planets. The rocket has elastic straps for wearing and is reversible. The reverse side is a scene of the galaxy, with velcro tabs for the three planets. My 7-year-old daughter had a blast imagining going into space with this set. We put on her mini NASA Astronaut suit, strapped on the rocket, and she blasted off into space!

subscription box

Later, we removed the orbiter shuttle and she flew it towards the planets, sound effects and all! I love seeing my kids use their imaginations, especially in a time of technology overload. This is probably why this was my favorite part of the entire box.

subscription box

There you have it, The Apollo Box Surprise Subscription Box. The one box that caters to the entire family! Check them out on social media to keep up with promotions, and more!

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