About Me

Hi! I’m Shandi, and I am so glad that you took a moment to stop by! Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I was raised in a small mountain town in Colorado, called Lyons…small, as in at the time the population was about 1500, give or take. I moved to Texas during my Sophmore year of high school; I miss Colorado horribly, but will return there one day, with my family in tow!

Speaking of family, mine has 3 kiddos – my son Christopher is 12, and has Autism. He was diagnosed during Kindergarten but with the help of a great program for Kinder and First grade, Speech Therapy twice a week, and me homeschooling him, he has made amazing progress! I have a daughter, Victoria, who is 8 – she is super smart, has more rhythm than I do, likes to sing, and will put on her Princess dress before going to look for frogs and toads. The baby, Elizabeth, is 2 years old. Her little personality is starting to shine through, and I really wish time would slow down because she learns something new every day!


Those three are the reason, Mama Dews exists. Throw my husband into the mix, and well, you have a very close-knit family, that loves adventures. We may not always stray far from home, but we like experiencing new things! 

Here on Love, Mama Dews, you will find me discussing all kinds of things…from my #HomeschoolingAutism series to recipes, product reviews, giveaways, etc. You can also find my work over on the blog, Things That Makes People Go Aww.

I really hope that you got to know me a bit, and if you ever want to know more about me, just drop me a line! I would be happy to chat!