Activities To Learn Spanish in a Fun Way

Homeschooling allows you to teach your kids anything in a unique way that works best for their learning needs, including new languages. If you are teaching your kid Spanish, these activities to learn Spanish in a fun way will give you options and ideas to achieve great results for your kid.

Audio Guidebooks

Kids love stories, so engaging their love for stories with a foreign language is a great teaching method. Plus, listening to someone speak another language will automatically activate your kid’s brain as they work to piece together information and understand the story.

For best results, consider giving your child a physical copy of the book, so they can follow along reading as they listen to the audiobook. This keeps them engaged, enhances comprehension, and allows them to visualize the correct spelling for the words they are hearing.

Spanish Songs

Music activates a part of the brain that stimulates growth and learning, making it ideal for young kids. Spanish songs will provide students with catchy lyrics they will love and repeat, accelerating their learning process. Furthermore, students absorb and retain information better with music than they do with plain reading or listening. Your kid will have so much fun learning the lyrics to their favorite songs, they won’t even realize they’re committing a foreign language to memory!


Traveling is important to develop a sense of belonging and expand your kid’s general knowledge of the world. It’s also a fantastic way to help your kid learn a foreign language! You can learn some ways to incorporate geography in a language class, such as teaching your kid fun facts from around the world.

Then, to make things extra fun, plan a trip to a Spanish-speaking country or area! Look up some fun facts and information beforehand, then take your kid to experience the place firsthand. Your child will love the experience and get to appreciate the place they learned about, practicing Spanish the whole time.

YouTube Videos

Widely accessible, YouTube is full of fun, engaging content you can use to help your kid learn Spanish. For example, you can have your kid watch videos of someone painting, singing, or telling a story in Spanish. And to really engage your student, consider Spanish cartoons! Kids love cartoons, so they won’t even realize they’re picking up a language as they watch their favorite characters zip around on the screen.

Games in Spanish

Another fun way to learn Spanish is by playing games. For example, you could play memory, crossword puzzles, bingo, or hangman, among many others. Games are great ways to engage both you and your student as you support their fun Spanish-learning process.

Knowing another language is one of the best skills you can teach your kid that will give them a better understanding of the world. Use these tips for fun ways to learn Spanish, and your kid will be picking it up in no time!

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