Alternative Gift-Wrapping Ideas Without Wrapping Paper

Creativity and possibilities are unlimited when it comes to gift wrapping. If you’re crafty and creative, you can use material lying around the house instead of spending unnecessary money on wrapping paper. Here are alternative gift-wrapping ideas without wrapping paper you can use any time you need to resource things you have for wrapping purposes.  

Fabric and Ribbons Can Work 

We all have an excess of leftover thread and cloth tucked away somewhere in our homes. Reuse things such as old stockings and handkerchiefs for the perfect gift wrapping material for any occasion! If you want to get a little more detailed, tie woven yarn and ribbon together, braid them, and wrap the gift for a unique gifting experience.  

alternative gift-wrapping

Paper Has Real Potential 

Of all the items you could possibly use for gift wrapping, paper might be the most useful. You can design it in any fashion you can imagine. Using old grocery bags is a perfect palate. Experiment and decorate them with cutouts or pictures!  

You can also use old newspapers for that old-fashioned look. Or, you could use newspaper to make plaster and then use the plaster to make fun creations to add to the gift! Paint or decorate it how you see fit.  

Unique Ideas Are Always Surprising 

Unique gifts are always the most memorable. For this reason, consider using something like a mason jar or even balloons and fill them with money and confetti! The confetti would hide the gift and something fun in its own right.  

There is no limit to what you can do when you use your creativity to make gifts. Giving someone a special gift is a very personal event, and you want it to be something that they never forget. These have been alternative gift-wrapping ideas to use without wrapping paper for your next event, birthday, or celebration.  


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