Baby Safety Cabinet Locks by The Baby Lodge

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When you are a parent, you know that one of your jobs, is keeping your babies safe. Its easy, when they are still very little, and not yet moving around on their own, but when they start to crawl, and walk, that task become much harder.
This is why so many families baby proof their homes, trying to keep their little ones safe from the harm of sharp corners, electrical outlets, household chemicals, and even getting stuck inside the fridge/freezer, pantry, or closet. One of the most popular ways to do that, is with baby and child safety locks.
There are many on the market, and sometimes it can be hard to choose, especially since what is hard for one child to crack, is easy for another. That’s why I like these child safety locks from The Baby Lodge…even my very smart 4 year old, could not open them, even after I showed her how.
My 8 year old son, even struggled at first to open them…what does that mean? That any future baby, will not have an easy go, at trying to open these, which is exactly what I want out of a child safety lock.
These can be used for a variety of items…fridge/freezer doors, toilets, pantry/closet doors, cabinets, etc.
These locks are adjustable, and come with very strong 3M adhesive, that gives you a very secure hold. The box includes 6 locks, and detailed install instructions, that insure that you have a secure lock in place, by the time your little ones are on the move.
These great safety locks from The Baby Lodge, can be found on Amazon, and would make a great baby shower gift for new parents that are just getting started, and even experienced parents that are getting ready to baby proof all over again!
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