Surviving Back To School with Adore Box!

It’s back to school time, but not in the normal sense, there is so much uncertainty and chaos surrounding this back to school season, and honestly, I think everyone is just over it. I know for sure that my favorite subscription box service is on board with that, because they made my August Adore Box all things Surviving Back To School!

So what goodies did I find in my box this month? My August Adore Beauty Box has everything I need for surviving the craziness of Back To School Time!

Maxim Coffee Mix; Korean Coffee, just mix and go!
Ardell Beauty Pro Brow Micro-fill Marker
UNeed Facial Masks; Tea Tree, and Vitamin
Neoprene Fanny Pack

surviving back to school

The facial masks have been a very welcomed way of ending my day; they give me time to focus on my own mental health and well being, by giving me 15-20 minutes of downtime…downtime most moms don’t give themselves but are very much in need of! Maybe that’s why these masks are called U-Need!

The fanny pack made me giggle a little bit because I am an 80s baby, and I used to rock those giant fanny packs; this one, however, has grown on me! It has a spot for everything! My phone, keys, cash, etc. It’s great!

The coffee…oh the coffee, my lifeblood. Let me just say, I totally get why Maxim Coffee Mix is known the world over! It is amazingly flavorful and so easy to make…just stir and go!

Anyway, thank you Adore Box for knowing that we needed help surviving back to school…you are a lifesaver!

As always if you are new to Adore Box, use the code HALFOFF, to get 50% off your first month to month box. Also, Make sure you are following Adore Box on social media to stay up to date on all things subscription beauty box and look out for giveaways!


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