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I’m giving the Battlefield Earth Book a shout-out. If you liked Dune, Lord of the Rings, Enders Game or the Foundation series, you’ll love it. Brandon Sanderson calls it “a masterpiece,” Neil Gaiman said it’s “un-put-downable,” and it’s a Hugh Howey favorite. Read my review below!

Battlefield Earth Book

In the year A.D. 3000, Earth is a dystopian wasteland. The great cities stand crumbling as a brutal reminder of what we once were. When the Psychlos invaded, all the world’s armies mustered little resistance against the advanced alien weapons.

Now, the man animals serve one purpose. Do the Psychlos’s bidding or face extinction.


Battlefield Earth is one of those books that you have to use your imagination with. You have to expand your mind to the “what ifs”. If you believe that there is life on other planets, then you can believe that it plausible that our lives might one day meet with those lives…how that meeting will go is anyone’s guess.

I have to admit that prior to reading the book, the movie Battlefield Earth starring John Travolta, was one of mine and my husband’s go to movies…we love movies that make you think. Now we all know that movies are so much different than the book, and that is no different with this one.

As it stands, the movie was based loosely on just the first half of the book, which leaves A LOT more adventure to read through. It is quite a long read, with 32 parts and an epilogue, but once you get into the book itself, an avid reader can be through it in a 2 days, maybe less.

If you are a fan of novels involving space, extra terrestrials, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the like, then this book is up your alley. I don’t want to delve too far into the meat of the book, because I want you to do that, but I will say that no matter what the world (or other planets) through at us, there is always going to be a level of human resiliency and fight that won’t give up.

For Battlefield Earth, it comes in the form of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler. He wasn’t going to give up the fight, it is because of his drive and determination that what is left of the human race, even stood to fight back. Try to survive…and it is a lesson that we should all take to heart, especially in the times we are in now.

Human spirit, resiliency, drive, and fight, CAN turn things around…we just have to be willing to fight the good fight. Not let those that wish to destroy us, win, and keep forever pushing forward.

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