Bear on the Chair® Your Year-Round Behavior Buddy! Review

As many of you know, I am mama to a very wonderful little boy who has Autism. My son does not have any coping skills, so, when he is upset he lashes out. As you can imagine, this can make the school day very rough, and while I work with the school to make sure that we are taking care of my son the way he needs to be taken care of, I find myself needing more for him. Needing to understand him better, and give him a way to better express himself, so that he isn’t reaching the point where he is lashing out.
I was more than happy when I was given the chance to review this Bear on the Chair, because it was something that we could implement into his day, without changing his schedule. Something that might help him with all the things I wanted to help him with.

Product Information:

Bear on the Chair®  is a child’s year-round good behavior buddy which helps parents reinforce positive behaviors in their children. Invented by our then 6 year old daughter, the bear is custom designed in look and feel by our daughter who played a very active role in it’s development. 

The Bear On The Chair® is a positive reinforcement tool and motivator for children with Autism and special needs. The product features a soft cuddly teddy bear, a separate chair and a booklet which explains the Bear On The Chair® story. What really makes this bear effective is the two ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ face patches which can be attached directly onto the Bear’s T-shirt.

This is a great tool for positive parenting techniques and motivates children to clearly express their current feelings, plus adults can use it as a tool to teach their child right and wrong behavior. Many parents have seen enormous progress in toddlers when using the Bear as a positive reinforcement tool. The Bear On The Chair® is especially effective when targeting specific goals such as expressing feelings and preventing sensory overload. Teachers and parents who work with special needs children are amazed at how well it works to redirect aggression and increase focus.

My son named his bear Chocolate, we read the story about the how the bear in the chair can help him make good choices throughout the day, and how he can use Chocolate to help me and daddy know when he is having a rough time.

M son is having a real rough time right now, both at home and at school, but when Chocolate is around, my son is calm. I hope that as time goes on, my son will use Chocolate to not only help himself cope with that which bothers him, but to also help me know how he is feeling.

I love my son very much, and I only want what is best for him, and while it can be both trying and tiring, I will do whatever it takes to make my son feel safe and happy in this world. Hopefully, Chocolate, the bear in the chair, can help me achieve that.

My son loves Chocolate…the only downside? He wishes that Chocolate was a military bear 🙂

To learn more about Autism, please visit Autism-Society, and to learn more about how this little bear can help your child, please make sure to visit The Bear in the Chair.

*I received the item in this post complimentary for review purposes. All opinions found within are purely my own*

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