Beer, and a Scholarship for College?

A single word can bring relief to a stressful day, or cheers at a party; Beer. Not everybody likes it, but lots of people love it. Some people drink one after a long day at work; lots will crack one open on a hot day while they enjoy a plate of good BBQ. You will almost always see a few hundred cups full, as people cheer on their favorite baseball team, and some people have even learned the craft and brew it themselves.

There are tons of brewing companies out there; from domestics to imports, craft brews to micro-brews…there is a taste for just about everyone that enjoys a cold beer. We have seen brewing companies come together with their community when times get tough. We have watched as they offset brewing beer, to fill cans with water, when drinkable water is out of reach. We have come to recognize a certain set of horses that one brewing company has, and have fallen in love with them along the way.

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

Brewing companies are ever-changing and forever finding new ways to give back to the community that supports and sustains them, and Melvin Brewing in Jackson, Wyoming, is no different. In 2009, Jeremy Tofte created Melvin Brewing, and now he has a scholarship program in place that helps people continue with their education after high school.

When you head over to the Melvin, scroll to the bottom, and you will find the application. Melvin Brewing says

The $1,000 Melvin Brewing Scholarship was established in 2019 in support of those who are wanting to continue their education beyond high school.

Melvin Brewing believes in strengthening our communities. Students are our future, and they deserve the option to explore their career of choice. College or university is a great way to help students determine their career paths, but can be costly.Our hope and goal is to remove a bit of financial stress from seeking higher education.

In this day and age, getting a little bit of help with the costs of getting a higher education, can sometimes be what makes or breaks a person’s chances. Having companies like Melvin Brewing, create scholarships to assist our youth, is huge.

Nobody should be worrying about whether they can afford an education. Financial Aid isn’t always available, and even then there are sometimes other costs to contend with. A Google search can bring up a plethora of scholarship opportunities, and while some people will try to go for the large scholarships, making use of the smaller ones might be a wiser investment in their time.

So long as companies like Melvin Brewing have faith in our youth, and have a want and a need to help the community around them, other companies will follow suit. Brewing companies across the country have truly shown what they are made of, as of late, and it is inspiring to see.

If you have a child entering college or university, or know someone that is, be sure to have them fill out the scholarship application for Melvin Brewing!


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