Beer Can Baked Chicken | #SundayDinner

Sunday Dinner used to be a staple in households across this Country; in some homes it still is. A time when the family got together and ate a good meal, often times after a morning at Church. While this isn’t always the case these days, there is something to be said for the Sunday Dinner; and it should make a comeback. This Sunday, Beer Can Baked Chicken was on the menu at my house!

beer can baked chicken

Now, for most chicken cooked this way is usually done on the grill, but I decided to do it in the oven, and I am thrilled with the results,

Using my Beer Can Chicken Roaster from Cave Tools, I was able to create an incredibly juicy and perfectly roasted chicken. Yes, it is called a BEER can roaster; but for this dinner, I filled the canister with chicken broth, and oh my yum, was it amazing!

beer can baked chicken

I like this roaster because it can be used on the grill and in the oven without any problems. It comes with a canister (the beer can), that can be filled with your choice of liquid. A rack for holding the canister and chicken upright, and a tray to catch all the chicken drippings in. In addition, this roaster comes with 2 skewers that attach to the sides so you can roast corn or potatoes at the same time!

OK OK, enough story…how about the recipe? This Beer Can Baked Chicken could not be easier to make. Simply season your chicken (I used a parsley and garlic blend); fill the canister with your liquid (I used chicken broth); then place the open end of your bird over the canister and pop into a 400* oven for about an hour. Or until a meat thermometer says at least 165*

Simple right?! I paired this delicious, and juicy chicken with honey glazed carrots; garlic roasted brussel sprouts, rice, and rolls for an absolutely divine Sunday Dinner.

beer can baked chicken

If you don’t have a Beer Can Roaster, you can get the one I have from the Cave Tools website, or on Amazon where you can use the code BEERCAN15 to get 15% off your purchase!


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