#BehindTheBlogger Dear 2016 Me

#BehindTheBlogger Dear 2016 Me

Dear 2016 Me,
You did it, you made it through 2015 – a little bruised, a little dirty, but alive! Now it is 2016, and you have the entire year ahead of you. A fresh start, a time to try and make all the right decisions, to make all the right choices, and to go forward with your head held high.
This year, strive to make your blog even better – I know you can do it, after all, right now it is a lifeline for your family. Strive to make even more time for your family – this is easy and hard, all at the same time. You are both a stay at home mom, a homeschooling mom, and a full time blogger, don;t let any one of those things make you forget, that first and foremost, you are simply a MOM, and a WIFE…nothing else matters, if you forget the duties that come with being those two things.
So, 2016 me, make sure that when you are stressing over a deadline – put it down. Go and color with the kids, cook with your husband, watch a movie as a family –  do anything but what is stressing you out. Let the stress leave, then do back to the project – you will get more done, and be happier.
You and your husband have big goals this year – between wanting to make it the last year that you spend in Texas, and at the same time, wanting to move from the place you currently live, this is going to be a year of big moves –  with those comes resettling. This isn’t always easy, especially when you have children with special needs – but you can do it, you always make things work. DON’T RUSH IT!
Lastly, remember to take care of you –  you spend so much time focused on others, that you often times neglect yourself.  You took a huge step a week ago, and actually cut about 8 inches off of your hair! I am so proud of you, I know how you are about your hair, but you needed and wanted a change, and just went for it. Keep those spontaneous things coming! Do your makeup if you want, get your nails and toes done, buy new clothes, whatever makes YOU happy – if you are happy, they will be happy!
Big things are going to happen this year – you started a blogging opportunity with Nutrisystem, and that is HUGE! bigger and better things are on the horizon. You and your husband are planning a new baby! again, that is HUGE! Your baby girl start Kindergarten, in August! again, HUGE!!
Take everything in stride, your year is all but planned for you…keep the big things in mind, and cross the little bridges as the come. You’ve got this, I have faith in you! Have fun with 2016…it will be what you make of it!!

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