#BehindTheBlogger End Of The Road

#BehindTheBlogger End Of The Road

As we come to the end of the road for 2016, there is so much to reflect on…personally, and professionally, plus the good, the bad, and the ugly, of what society has brought us on both the National, and the Global level.

I think most people can agree that 2016 brought out the worst in some people…death was no stranger to the world, with life being taken in numbers during terror attacks, both home and abroad.
It brought about heartache and sadness, with the loss of so many icons…people that, while we may not of known then on a personal level, saw many of us through some of our darker days, through their music or films.
It brought about a split in family, friends, and the Nation, with an election that many are still confused by…this one will follow us into the New Year, and I am praying that we are all pleasantly surprised by the results.
It brought job loss, financial hardship, health problems, housing crisis’, and more, to many people…and sadly, that seems to happen year after year, and while I wish that 2017 would bring an end to that, I am not holding my breath.

On a more personal level, at least for my family, things were a little better than 2015…2016 brought a new home, a new baby, and a visit from my dad…all very positive things. However, there was still financial hardship, brought on by my husbands inability to work due to medical issues, and my lack of motivation spurred by my pregnancy, which meant that this blog got very little attention…So, here’s to hoping that 2017 continues bringing us positive changes.

Yes, it is the end of the road for 2016, but for the positive aspects of your life, it is simply a fork in the road…in 2017 you just have to choose the right road, and continue on…

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