#BehindTheBlogger Find Your Love

#BehindTheBlogger Find Your Love


Find Your Love…it can be hard for people sometimes, to find love. Either in themselves or in someone else. I know it is hard for me to find love in myself, it’s something I struggle with on a regular basis. I do know, that I am surrounded by love. I can see it in the eyes of my 3-month-old daughter. When she is focusing on my face, and her eyes connect with mine, and she is staring so intensely at me, that it’s almost as if she can see right into my soul; then she smiles, and nuzzles into my shoulder or arm. I see it baby girl, I see your love!

I can find it in the arms of my 5-year-old daughter when she comes home after a long day at school, and she immediately runs to give me a hug. “I missed you, mama” oh baby, I missed you too! As she holds on, and wraps her little legs around my waist, as she tells me about her day. I found it, sweetheart, I found your love!

I can feel it, in the presence of my 9-year-old son. His Autism can make it hard to show affection sometimes, but I can feel his love when I step into his room. There is a calmness there, and even when he is halfway between sleep and awake, he knows when I am there. “Hi mama, I love you” Oh sweet boy, I love you too. I feel it, honey, I feel your love!

I know it when I am around my husband. He is one of those men that may not always say the words, but his actions speak so much louder. I know his love, in the way he defends me. In the swipe of his hand at the small of my back, when he passes me. In the gentle kiss, he gives my forehead when he thinks I am asleep. In all of the little things, he does for this family. I know its there baby, I know your love.

So I may have a hard time finding things I love about myself,  but my family has me covered! How do you find your love?

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