#BehindTheBlogger These Foolish Things

#BehindTheBlogger These Foolish Things

These Foolish Things…those three words could describe a lot of the insanity of the last few months. However, I will stray far from that for now, and apply them to something in my personal life. It is no secret that my family does not have a lot of money, we are, as statistics go, living in poverty. Thats not to say that we don’t do everything we can to try to change that, and it certainly isn’t something that we ever want our kids to be aware of.

In fact, if you walked in my house, you would probably give me the “yeah right” side eye look, because our house is filled with thing that we shouldn’t be able to afford. Truth be told, we can’t, but still we have them. The kicker is how we came about owning them, and the judgement we get along the way.

Scrapping…yes, on a regular basis, our truck and trailer look like they belong to Fred Sanford. In a sense, we are pickers…scrap metal gets sold to the scrap yard for money to see us through the month. If the items work, or are in good shape, they are sold or put to good use in our house. There is absolutely NO shame in our game, we do what is necessary to survive, and we teach the kids the same.

What is crazy, is the disgusted looks and comments that come from people who think they are “too good” to – what do they call it? – ah yes, “steal” other people’s trash. The looks and comments? yeah I can do without these foolish things, because I know that what we are doing is keeping us afloat, and teaching our children life long lessons. I love that my daughter knows that “copper is money” and I love that they have fun looking for the right stuff!

So, scrapers we will remain, and the naysayers? well, they can keep their foolish thoughts to themselves! Because a family that scraps together, stays together…and finds some really cool stuff! Atari for the win! and it works too!!

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