#BehindTheBlogger The Lucky One

#BehindTheBlogger The Lucky One

I can’t begin to tell you, how many times I have heard someone say, “you are so lucky” or “lucky man” to me and my husband when we mention anyone of the things that we have done for one another. The truth is, it kind of drives me a little crazy; as if it takes luck to do the right thing for your spouse or partner. Sure, there are tons of relationships, where things are just not right, but that has nothing to do with luck.

But, I guess if I had to attribute the great things that have happened in my marriage to luck, it’s not my husband that is the lucky one, it’s me. Somehow, with all the chaos of my life, I found a man who has stood by me. A man who when I had all but given up on finding my birth mother, pushed me forward and made me keep looking. What do you know, here we are almost 6 years into having my mother and siblings back in my life.

A man who looked at me and said, you are smart enough to be a lawyer, why don’t you go back to school. He pushed me to look within myself and find my passion. I worked hard, yes, but he was there every step of the way. Here I am 4 years later, the proud holder of a Bachelors in Legal Studies, and a foot in the door to law school. This man, who hates traveling, drove our family to Galveston, so I could sit for an 8-hour test, that I needed for my Law School applications.

A man who, even when he is sick, and hurting from medical issues, will work his fingers to the bone, so I can stay home with the kids like I want too. A man that completely took over everything that I do, while I was sick at the beginning of my pregnancy, and couldn’t get out of bed. A man, who despite what people may think of him, has the kindest heart, and is willing to do for others, even if it takes up all his time.

No, he’s not the lucky one here, I am. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life…he gave me my most precious gifts (even if he does use them as an excuse for every holiday), he gave me the strength to follow my passion, find my family, and think of the future. Yeah, I am the lucky one…


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